PhenQ Review

Sharing is caring!PhenQ Review | Let’s Get Started When it comes to searching for the right fat burner supplements, it can seem pretty darn overwhelming. I get that. I review fat burner supplements for a living, so you don’t have to explain to me how vast the fat loss landscape is. During my PhenQ review, […]
  • by Cory Wayne
  • 2 Days ago

Instant Knockout Review

Sharing is caring!Instant Knockout Review | Getting Started When we associate things with the term, “knock out,” we tend to think about Mike Tyson. We might even think about Christy Brinkley from the original National Lampoons Vacation (as we should). Well now, we can associate a fat burner supplement with the term. And that’s more […]
  • by Cory Wayne
  • 4 Days ago

Peloton Cycle Review

Sharing is caring!Peloton Cycle Review | What The Heck Is This Thing? Unless you’ve been living in the proverbial cave, you’ve most certainly seen the ad campaign for Peloton Cycle. The main driving factor as to why you’ve now heard so much about Peloton Cycle is because the company, a little under a year ago, […]
  • by Cory Wayne
  • 15 Days ago

Pregnant Women Warned Black Licorice May Be Dangerous

Sharing is caring!If you are pregnant, you probably already feel like you’re living a bit of a restricted lifestyle. You can’t do certain exercises. You can’t lift this or that. You can’t sleep this way or that way. You can’t eat sushi. You can’t have five alcoholic drinks in a row. It’s almost as if […]
  • by Cory Wayne
  • 16 Days ago

A Simpletons Guide To a Healthier Life

Sharing is caring!We all wish that living a healthy lifestyle were an easier endeavor. But the fact remains, our modern world is constantly challenging our will and ambition. And it does a good job breaking both if we aren’t careful. A simple trip to the mall exposes us to junk foods, alcohol and fattening foods. […]
  • by Cory Wayne
  • 18 Days ago

Why I Take A Shot Of Pink Himalayan Salt Every Day

Sharing is caring!For most people, waking in the morning means starting coffee, or popping on Good Morning America, or even taking a shower. But not for me. Wait, did I just say I don’t shower and worse more, that I don’t drink coffee? No, I do all of those things, I was just looking for […]
  • by Cory Wayne
  • 30 Days ago
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5 Golden Health Rules Everyone Should Know

Sharing is caring! “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” – Herophilus When we think about improving our health, the first thing we consider is our diet. And no doubt, what we eat can have a massive impact on our health. But […]

7 Ways Smartwatches Will Boost Your Health Goals

Sharing is caring!As wearable tech gains popularity, we’ve started to imagine how it might affect our lives if it reaches mainstream use, and personal health tracking has taken center stage in the discussion. Smartwatches are coming out with a slew of health-related apps that utilize your movements and vital signs to help you keep track […]
  • by Jane Scearce
  • 2 Years ago

Essential Facts for Your Skin’s Health

Sharing is caring!For most of us, summer is coming to a close, but the slowly cooling temperature doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about the health of your skin. Harmful UVB/UVA rays still penetrate through a cloudy day, and as convenient as it would be, the on-coming rainy days won’t solve your dry skin. To […]
  • by Jane Scearce
  • 2 Years ago

4 Fundamentals to Starting Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Sharing is caring!Ahhh yes…life. This topic has kept people scratching their heads since the beginning of time. Few understand it, and yet most have questioned it. Have you? Have you spent any amount of time wondering how you’ve gotten to this point in your life and what you can do to make it better for […]

10 Reasons You Get a Better Education from Traveling than from College

Sharing is caring!You know you want to. Your whole life you’ve been saying, “One of these days I’m taking a vacation, and I just may never come back!! Just watch me!” And then you follow it up with, “Well, but…” and you talk yourself right out of it…again. You’ve got a career to think about, […]

5 Lessons You’ll Learn from Falling in Love

Sharing is caring!Love. There’s nothing like falling in love for the first time…each time it happens. If you think back, though, to what you would consider your first “real” relationship — excluding the fifth grade crushes, the high school infatuations and the college…well, yes, excluding those experiences altogether — I’d venture to say your top […]

8 Habits That Can Help You Become A Master Of Persuasion

Sharing is caring!Whether you realize it or not, everyone needs to master the art of persuasion. The ability to persuade is not just for salespeople. You will find you need to convince friends your proposal makes sense, show potential investors your business is viable and will generate a return or even help your parents understand […]

7 Secret Benefits Of Fasting That Weight Loss Brands Don’t Want You To Know

Sharing is caring!If you’ve learnt about health, nutrition and weight loss through the use of mainstream magazines, books and forums, you’ve probably been told that, ‘’ skipping meals will lead to weight gain’’ and ‘’starvation tricks your body into storing fat’’. Unfortunately, most of the information found within mainstream weight loss brands is either drawn […]

4 Ways to Keep Communication from Turning Sour

Sharing is caring!Communication is like milk:  it does a body good.  But what happens if that milk sits in the refrigerator for too long and doesn’t get used?  It spoils and turns sour.  The same thing happens to communication when you stop using it. Pretty soon you’ll be constantly hearing yourself mumbling things like, “Wow, it […]

How To Consume Alcohol Without Getting Fat

Sharing is caring!How To Consume Alcohol Without Getting Fat Most of the population enjoys a good drink. Some people like their evening wine, while others like to let loose on the weekends. Regardless of how much we value our health, when it comes to alcohol most of us will make an exception. After all, some […]

5 Reasons Your Personality Is Vital (Even More So Than Good Looks)

Sharing is caring!Everyone wants to feel love, affection and belonging. In our quest to attain these feelings and be more attractive, we often focus our attention entirely on physical appearance. However, physical appearance is not all that counts when it comes to attracting others, appealing to their affection and even choosing potential dating or marriage […]

7 Weight Loss And Health Supplements That Actually Work

Sharing is caring!Did you know that it’s human nature to expect the biggest reward for the least amount of effort? It’s the very reason why quick fix supplements turn over millions of dollars each year. If we can pay a small price to get the body of our dreams, we will gladly empty our pockets. Unfortunately, […]
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