Working out during pregnancy | Can I?

Female Bodybuilder Crushes Myth ‘You Can’t Workout While Pregnant’

Being a pregnant woman can be stressful. Wait, being a pregnant woman IS stressful. Carrying a baby is one of the life’s most critical undertakings. Making things worse, pregnant women live underneath stringent guidelines, such as “don’t eat sushi,” and “don’t work out.”

Most modern doctors have come to encourage exercise among pregnant women (with restrictions). And if you are a pregnant woman, you should undoubtedly check with your licensed physician before beginning an exercise regimen.

Bodybuilder Jessie Hilgenberg believes that all women, in any part of their lives, should workout. She believes women should embrace getting stronger. And more and more doctors are finding themselves in agreement with her.

In fact, there is evidence that working out while pregnant can decrease the risk for a c-section (study).

Pregnant women, of course, will need to make modifications to common exercises in order to accomplish them (at least in many cases). And this is where Jessie Hilgenberg serves as a wealth of knowledge.

Watch Hildenberg modify a hamstring curl.

“I’m still trying to be creative with ways to incorporate hamstring curls without using the lying leg curl machine #BecausePregnant,” she wrote.

It is important to point out that Jessie notes this exercise having been done earlier in her pregnancy (just at 20 weeks).

“Lying in the supine position later in pregnancy can cause compression of an important vein that carries blood into the heart.”

Working Out During Pregnancy | Rules

Always check with a licensed physician. The Internet, including HealthToday, doesn’t know your full medical profile. Be wise. It is important that you keep your doctor up-to-date so that your pregnancy is being monitored with the considerations of your exercise routine. You don’t want to just fly solo on this one, you and your baby’s health is far too important.

Make sure you eat enough. Being under calorie thresholds while pregnant and while working out is a dangerous combination. Make sure your body has the fuel to grow that beautiful baby and support your workout goals. Too many pregnant women concern themselves with feeling overweight, or gaining too much weight to lose after the birth of their child. Nourishment for you and your baby is at a premium and should be held in the highest of regards.

Don’t do dangerous or scary. If an exercise looks scary, then avoid it. Playing rugby would be a bad idea. Fighting an MMA fight, bad idea. Use common sense and check with your doctor to get advice on which type of exercises would be best for you.

Drink water. Drink lots of water. Your body needs hydration, particularly while you are pregnant. Don’t take this advice lightly. Lots of people don’t realize how little water they actually drink. We live in a world of sodas and Starbucks, so it is very easy to miss out on drinking enough water. Water is our lifeblood!

After the first trimester, it is advisable that you don’t lie flat on your back for any workout. In this situation, your uterus can put unhealthy pressure on your vena cava vein, which can truncate blood flow to your heart. This can cause dizziness. (Again, note that Jessie’s video posted above was created before her 20-week mark).

Don’t go “too hard.” You don’t need to work out like an NFL linebacker. You are just trying to stay healthy and vibrant. Overdoing it won’t help you achieve any goals, it can only risk injury.

Check the temperature. Running in super hot or humid conditions is not advisable. If you live somewhere that has extreme heat, workout inside. Even your own home is better than working out outside in a Miami summer.

In the end, pregnancy rules! Pregnant women most certainly need to modify their lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean the end of exercise. Check with a physician, you will likely be enlightened by the things you CAN do.