You have all seen it. Too many people joining the Gluten-Free bandwagon. What is the deal? And, more importantly, is it good for you?

Gluten is the “protein” that allows breaded products the “elasticity to stick together.” However, you do not need to suffer from Celiac Disease, or even have a gluten allergy, to reap the benefits of Gluten-Free (just do not stock up on processed Gluten-Free foods, to replace your pastas, breads and cereals, instead!). You cannot trust most labels, today, so choosing a more real food (such as a fruit, vegetable or even a whole grain), can guarantee that you are not ingesting a genetically modified (in other words… Fake) product.

Truth is, most mammals (humans included) cannot properly digest gluten. Not only does its presence cause a slowed muscle reaction time, and decreased brain stimulation, but the un digested protein can cause discomfort and flatulence (say bye, bye to your hot date night!). If you wanted to lose those “love handles,” and increase your performance in the gym (or even in the bedroom), a Gluten-Free diet just might be what you are looking for. When your food is properly digested, your brain and muscles work well together (there is not something “jamming ” the system, and preventing you to function at your full potential). Even when your education is complete, it is not truly over. You continue studying/learning something new or increasing your muscular performance, throughout life. Therefore, your brain and muscles should always be taken care of. So, not only does Gluten-Free have the potential to give you a gorgeous physique, but it could also give you a brilliant mind (not to mention, your performance would be top-notch!). Now, what is more attractive than that?

Also, putting in whole, natural foods, rather than those fried chips and colored candies that you love so much, makes everything in your “system ” (body) work well together (without the interference of a chemical or something else that has to be taken care of, thus distracting from your current function). Eating “clean ” may not be the ultimate task of a Gluten-Free diet, but it is definitely a bonus. Sure, there are plenty of products in today’s market that simply replace wheat with excess butters, eggs and oils, but if we are mindful of what we put into our bodies, we can bypass all the processed crap (that is only marketed to the ignorant who want to lose a few pounds).

In conclusion, we must not look at Gluten-Free as another fad diet that all the celebrities are doing as a “quick fix ” to lose a few pounds. If you are serious about increasing your brain and muscular performance, look to Gluten-Free as a lifestyle that directs you towards the whole and natural foods that will benefit every aspect of your life! Oh… And you are welcome.