Vitamin D is a wonderful vitamin that helps cure all sorts of health ailments. It has shown to lower rates of cancer, bone fractures, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Due to the amount of time people spend indoors over 75 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough Vitamin D.

Supplements can be somewhat effective however not nearly as effective as getting outside and soaking up real sunlight. With winter approaching many of us become worried about how to get vitamin D. You can still benefit from a walk outside in the winter. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you still aren’t getting UV exposure.

In order to get the most sun exposure during the winter time:

  • Let as much of your skin show as possible
  • Go outside around your cities “solar” noon
  • When your skin starts to turn pink that is a good indicator that you have had enough UV exposure.

If you live in an area like Alaska where it’s dark half the year then using Vitamin D supplements would be a good option. Generally you would need to take a higher dose than you would get from sunlight. Starting with about 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 would be beneficial. You can also get Vitamin D from seafood and mushrooms if you would rather not buy supplements.