When it comes to fat burner supplements, the Internet is full of scams. Be damn careful of what website you are on when you are reading a “promo” for a fat burner. Make sure the website is legit. Fat Burn X is one of the most sought after and popular fat burners on the market. However, the truth is, you have lots of options beyond Fat Burner X. Do your research and find out what’s right for you. So, what’s in Fat Burn X? What a million dollar question.

Here is what is in Fat Burn X | Breaking Down Ingredients

what is in fat burn x?

Why does Fat Burn X hide ingredient amounts?

The first thing I need to note here is that while Fat Burn X does label what’s in their fat burner supplement, they avoid telling us how much. You might be wondering why they do this, if you are new to fat burner supplements, you might get used to it. Fat burner supplements choose not to disclose the amounts of their formulas claiming they are proprietary. The manufacturer is appealing to us to believe that they have a special blend technique which, if known, would lead to other fat burner supplements copying them.

My opinion?

This is a crap justification to short the consumer. By not disclosing how much of the contained ingredients they use, they can literally use very little and cut down their overhead and profit more. You see this a lot. Fat burner supplements such as BurnerTEK are big sellers and they do disclose amounts. Consumers will buy the best product and part of being the best product is full-disclosure. Additionally, this slights the consumer further due to the fact that many people also want measurable markers on certain ingredients. Take, for example, caffeine, which Fat Burn X contains. Some people can have moderate or low amounts, but not specifically high amounts. Consumers need to know what is in Fat Burn X, but beyond that, how much of each ingredient is in it both for value and health reasons.

Does this mean Fat Burn X is a No Go?

No, it is just one part of a lot of moving parts. Fat burner supplements are complex beings. Using a fat burner supplement means attempting to expedite the body’s fat burning process. As anyone over 40 years of age knows, the metabolism slows down and fat stores much easier. A fat burner supplement can help boost and stimulate metabolic function. Pro athletes use fat burning ingredient combinations to speed up the process. This isn’t lackluster science by any stretch of the imagination.

Let’s start with the Fat Burn X ingredient label:

what is in fat burn x

what is in fat burn x?

Fat Burn X Ingredients are really just caffeine

And now’s that moment you might head for the stairwells and exit the stadium…or check out our best fat burner list. The thing is, what is in Fat Burn X is basically caffeine. Hit Starbucks before your workout and snag an Americano or something. Even the proprietary blend has Green Tea in it, which, has caffeine. You notice that the only ingredient they fully list with exact amounts is the caffeine? That’s 150mg of caffeine. That’s a lot of coffee.

So Fat Burn X is, probably, just a rush of caffeine. We can’t know the rest because the “proprietary blend” doesn’t tell us ingredient amounts.

Fat Burn X is Caffeine, But Does Caffeine Burn Fat?

Yes, caffeine is a great ingredient for burning fat. But the point I’m making is that you are going to overpay for caffeine if you order Fat Burn X. Fat Burn X probably works because it is likely mostly caffeine, but you can just do expresso. True fat burner supplements should have scientifically proven blends that would take you weeks and lots of cash to get all individually. Fat burner supplements should make your life more convenient, that’s the point in buying them.

My conclusion is that Fat Burn X ingredients are very subpar. Fat burner supplements aren’t cheap, so you should expect the very best from any that you decide to purchase. And while I think caffeine is helpful for fat burning, I don’t believe in overloading on it, which can have many dire effects on the human body and brain. Getting super amped up isn’t the path to six pack abs, not at all.

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