What colors do you find yourself wearing most often? Whether it’s a bright blue or a natural green, our color preferences play a part in our personalities. Betty Wood a, color expert, has some insight into what your color preferences are saying about you.

White: Is a strong indicator of youth and purity. It symbolizes the desire for a more simple life.

Red: The color of strength, health and vitality. Red is often associated with more outgoing and agressive behaviour. This color is often chosen by people who have a zest for life.

Maroon: Often is symbolic of someone who has experienced a hard life but still stands tall. This color is a mark of a generous and likable person.

Pink: Pink people tend to be gentle and charming with the desire to be loved and protected.

Orange: Generally good natured people that tend to dramatize. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.

Yellow: Is the color of happiness, wisdom, and imagination. Yellow is usually adventerous and searching for self-fulfillment.

Green: The color often symbolized by peace and mother nature. Greens are community minded people, fairly sociable but prefering peace at any price.

Blue: An introspective color admired for its steady character and wisdom. Cautious, suspicious, and have more flamboyant behavior.

Purple: This color has a strong desire to be different and unique. Purples are unconventional, tolerant and dignified. They are willing to take positions of authority with ease.

Brown: A brown person has lots of stamina and patience. They tend to be very solid dependable people. They love responisbility and are very kind and reliable.

Black: This color symbolizes a dignified person without being too showy. This color can also indicate hidden depths and inner longings.

If you are interested in reading more about the power of colors you can read Betty’s book called, The Healing Power of Color.