Turmeric Tea | What Are Turmeric Benefits?

I know, everyone has their morning drink routine. For many people, that’s coffee. The Colombian tar is the often the breakfast of champions. Wanna be woke? Coffee. Coffee can be, in certain circles, a bit of a polarizing drink. Some commend it for its health attributes (antioxidants and degenerative neurological prevention). Who doesn’t want a better brain? But for others (myself included), coffee can be a hazardous endeavor often leaving me in the slums of anxiousness by 3 pm, a time I can no longer reasonably justify injecting my bad self with the brazen bean. And that leaves me hanging out to dry because, well, I’m craving a new fix.

So what did I do? Well, for me, I quit caffeine and replaced my morning drinks with tea and water. Yes, in the morning, the first thing I do is start drinking water. Lot’s of water. But it is what I do next that might send some of you running for the exits telling everyone you know to never visit healthtoday.com again. I make myself turmeric tea. Because I love turmeric benefits. And turmeric tea benefits are legit as heck.

Yes, that spice you smell when you walk into an Indian restaurant? I drink that. I drink it. I like it. And I write about all of it (just today, not every morning). When I tell people that I replaced coffee with turmeric tea, they immediately react with the display of a harsh facial grimace, as if they’d just swallowed a handful of shaved tree bark.

But here’s the thing: Turmeric tea, at least the one I make, taste pretty darn good. But let’s not start with that. Let’s instead start with “why the heck would you drink turmeric tea in the first place?”

Good question. And I have a great answer. Let’s look at turmeric’s benefits.

Turmeric Benefits

Skin Benefits: Turmeric can help people with psoriases. It can help a variety of skin issues, in fact. It can do so by applying directly to the skin issue, or, by ingesting. Yep, turmeric works from the inside-out.

Cancer Drugs: Turmeric is considered a strong asset in the treatment of cancer patients. Turmeric is said to strengthen the cancer drug, paclitaxel. It is said to reduce it’s side-effects.

Relieves Depression: Turmeric is said to improve symptoms of depression. So yes, it can improve your mood.

Weightloss: Turmeric can help people lose weight.

Pain Killer: Turmeric is said to be a natural pain killer.

A Healer: It can heal wounds.

Antioxidant properties: Antioxidants are an important asset in the war on cancer and other degenerative diseases.

So yep, there are lots of wonderful reasons to get your daily fill of turmeric. And yes, you can do so by sprinkling turmeric on your foods. I often put it on my eggs, chicken, and liver (yes, I cook liver for breakfast sometimes). It’s a legitimate way to get your turmeric on. But, there is no better way than getting it through tea.

Firstly, you don’t have to go through all the trouble of making an extravagant turmeric tea. The benefits of doing so, beyond turmeric’s benefits, are that you can get a lot more bang for your drink. You add in other health infusions when you make a complex tea. The simple truth is that you can just drink it. And that’s something I do often as well. The key is to simply mix water, turmeric, black pepper. The black pepper is always essential for turmeric to work at ist most optimal level.

Turmeric Tea Recipe

There are a lot of turmeric tea recipes. My turmeric tea recipe might be right up your alley, but you might also want to modify it. As stated earlier, just make sure you include black pepper for optimal results.

I take the following ingredients to start:

  • a dash of fresh ginger
  • a dash of nutmeg
  • a dash of black pepper
  • a little raw honey (I take this or leave it, depending on how you feel about a little sugar in the morning)
  • turmeric, whatever you are comfy with
  • almond milk

Now, with the exception of the almond milk, you can put all those ingredients into a pan and mix water. Then boil, once it reaches a boil, just simmer it. Let it sit for 8 to 10 minutes. Then add some of the almond milk. If you like, pour it in a Starbucks mug so that you feel a bit more legit.

There are a variety of other ways to do this. You can use cayenne (I often do). You can add berries to sweeten it up a bit. You can even use a little coconut oil to add in your daily Medium-Chain Triglycerides.

Being the simpleton that I am, I often opt to just drink the turmeric and black pepper as a morning shot in water. The tea is more my, well, latte morning! All the same, daily turmeric is a serious health benefit that no one should miss out on. It’s cheap, easy to make and does a lot of long term good for the body and brain.