Finding a good trainer can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re looking for someone to train you in person. Unless you live in a really big city, chances are you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to athletic trainers.

Online training is much easier than being trained in person because you don’t have to deal with setting up appointment times or working around someone else’s schedule. You simply download the trainer’s program or guide, and then follow it on your own time.

Plus, oftentimes the best athletic trainers are actually found online because they’re often trainers who excelled so well in their city, that they decided to take their training to the next level by offering online training nationwide.

Now, that doesn’t mean all online athletic trainers are good. You still have to do your research to find out which trainer has the most to offer you and which one best fits your particular needs. That being said, here’s a list of our top 5 online athletic trainers…

#1: Joe Costello –

Instagram: @joecostellofit

joe costello

There are a lot of reasons this guy is our favorite online athletic trainer, but perhaps the most important reason is the quality of his programs. We downloaded both of his programs and were extremely impressed by what we found inside.

He takes a comprehensive approach that involves 3 parts, which are an exercise regimen, a meal plan, and a supplementation guide. There are way too many programs out there that only give you one or two parts.

Most guys just give you their exercise regimen, but Joe Costello gives you his exact exercise routine, a complete meal plan, and he tells you exactly what supplements to take. The comprehensive approach he takes truly leaves you with no questions unanswered. Plus, if you do have any questions, he gives you personal access to him via direct message on Instagram.

Another big reason we ranked this guy #1 is because of the fact that he approaches everything scientifically. He claims all three parts of his fitness plans are formulated based on science, and you know the claims being made aren’t false because he literally explains the science to you in his downloadable PDF guides, as well as in the free video guides on his website.

Taking into consideration the quality of his programs, the comprehensive construction of the fitness plans, the scientific approach to getting fit, and the fact that he offers you personal access to him, we decided this guy deserves the #1 ranking spot more than some of the other more famous trainers out there.

#2: Bradley Martyn –

Instagram: @bradleymartyn

The Top Online Athletic Trainers Unlike our underdog #1 rank, we’d be shocked to hear that you haven’t heard of this guy. He’s got about 3 million followers on Instagram, and his YouTube channel is enormously popular as well. We wanted to go with an underdog for the #1 rank, but Bradley was a clear choice for the #2 spot.

The programs he offers are much more expensive than Joe’s programs, but that’s because he has a much bigger following. That being said, these programs are no joke. There are several different plans available on his website, and all of them are designed expertly.

His plans contain nutritional tips and advice, supplement advice, and a 16-week exercise program. This is another guy who takes a pretty comprehensive approach to training his clients, which is something we believe is extremely important.

However, we simply felt Joe’s programs were a little more thorough. For example, he tells you exactly what supplements to take (even down to the exact brand) and when to take them…he even explains the science behind why you should take them, whereas Bradley gives you more general supplement advice.

Another reason we ultimately decided to give Joe the #1 ranking spot over Bradley is because of the fact that this guy is simply too famous. You can’t really personally get a hold of him. He’s not necessarily directly accessible to you. Since Joe is younger and hasn’t built as large of a following, he’s much easier to access directly, which is a big plus. 

#3: Simeon Panda –

Instagram: @simeonpanda

Simeon Panda Simeon offers excellent training programs that go very far into detail about how to reach your fitness goals. In fact, his programs are actually more like books. If you download one, you’ll see that they’re very long and thorough, which is a good thing in some ways but can be looked at as a bad thing as well.

Joe’s plans get right to the point. He tells you what to do, when to do it, and why to do it, whereas Simeon will almost over explain things in a way that ends up taking up a little more of your time than is necessary.

Don’t get us wrong, the information is amazing and extremely useful. The training programs he offers are fantastic, and if you’re new to fitness, he’s definitely one of your best options because there’s a lot you can learn from buying any one of his programs. 

#4: Ulisses Jr –

Instagram: @ulissesworld 

ulisses worldUlisses is an absolute beast. This guy is a 2x Musclemania SuperBody Pro Champion and a 2x Musclemania World Pro Champion. Obviously, his qualifications are extremely impressive. As a matter of fact, he has the most impressive qualifications of anybody on this list.

With that being said, having the most impressive qualifications does NOT mean he has the most impressive fitness programs. There are hundreds of super fit bodybuilders out there who are crazy shredded, but that doesn’t mean they all have the ability to teach you how to get shredded. It’s important not to assume somebody who’s super fit has the ability to get you fit.

However, his programs are pretty outstanding. They’re a little less comprehensive and not as thorough as the guys who are ranked before him, but there’s no doubt his plans are worth the money. They contain very advanced, next-level tips and routines for getting in shape that are likely impossible to find anywhere else.

Ulisses definitely knows what he’s talking about, but he separated his knowledge into a bunch of small plans instead of creating big comprehensive, all-in-one programs like the other guys. The type of plan that works for you can have a lot to do with your personal opinion, but we simply think the all-in-one type of plans are a better way to approach achieving your fitness goals.

#5: Thomas Delauer –

Instagram: @thomasdelauer 

thomas delauer Thomas is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable guys in the fitness space, and his new program has received some great feedback recently. His specialty is intermittent fasting, but he has a whole lot more to offer you than intermittent fasting tips.

This is another guy who we like because of the fact that what he recommends is based entirely on science. Most guys out there will try to sell you their programs simply based on the fact that they’re muscular, and way too many people fall for that trick.

If a guy is super muscular and fit, people automatically assume he has the ability to get them as fit as him. It’s a mistake to buy somebody’s program simply based on what kind of shape they’re in.

Of course you want your athletic trainer to be in good shape, but an even more important consideration is the level od knowledge the trainer is able to bring to this table…and if there’s one thing this guy has an endless supply of, it’s knowledge.

He’s the most followed intermittent fasting expert on all of YouTube, which is significant considering the fact that there are hundreds of these guys out there. After watching just a couple of his videos, you’ll have no doubt that Thomas is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an online athletic trainer.