You can’t keep your eyes open for a second and your head throbs like you have never felt before. You know you have to hit your bed soon, or you will get sick anytime. Ever felt that way?

This could be your situation when you have not been sleeping properly for several days. Let’s talk about sleep and especially it’s micro version: nap.

In the past, people consider napping a terrible thing to do and is considered as an activity that’s only indulged in by lazy people.

That has all changed now. Recently, studies have unearthed proofs that naps have many benefits. To strengthen this resolve, there are developments today that are mind boggling and to some, unacceptable. (The idea is just too revolutionary for them). Big companies, no less, are involved with these developments.

Let me tell you one such development: The ingenious idea of creating nap rooms for workers to combat fatigue. One organization that is a prime mover of this trend is Huffington Post. This company put in money in research and on futuristic nap pods to cuddle their employees. The sleeping quarters which right now are the current rave, especially for employees are aptly called EnergyPods!

Arianna Huffington, the founder and owner of Huffington Post, believes that sleep is a performance enhancing tool. With her comment recorded from a TV interview, I can deduct that her investment on those nap corners are worth it.

Why, you may ask? The average United States citizen gets 6.9 hours per night. Based on what experts say, that is not bad at all, but, unfortunately, not ideal, either. Sleep specialists say, the human body requires 8 to 9 hours of sleep to function at an optimum level.

According to this authenticated information, the nap pods are considered the linchpin with regards performance levels. And upon analyzing their overall effect on the company, they, ultimately, improve productivity.

Look at the infographic (designed by Patio Productions) below and see important and some interesting facts about napping. This graphic is published by Mind Body Green.

What You Need to Know About Napping