I just recently got back from a vacation and while I was gone I was astonished as to how much energy I had. I was out in the sun everyday and spent the majority of the trip hiking and being out in nature. Since being home I found myself missing the sounds of the river, and all the animal noises I heard every day. I think part of what was so relaxing was all the nature sounds I heard every day. What if those nature sounds were actual healing and good for your body?

Science has shown that sound frequencies in nature can actually feed the brain, heal the body, and stimulate elevated levels of consciousness. Sound can be used to evoke many different emotions. For example, when you go to work out you want something upbeat that get’s your heart rate going, and when you are falling asleep you want something soft and soothing. Our bodies and minds react differently to the sound of an ambulance siren than to an ocean wave.

Research suggests that when sound is used in a directed way, it can  help reduce stress, create a sense of well-being, and promote healing. This is why when you go get a massage you hear yogi chanting or Bach playing in the background. I wouldn’t expect to hear dubstep at a spa because that music doesn’t calm your body down.

Sound Vibrations

The Frequency at which an object naturally vibrates is called resonance. Each part of our bodies has it’s own natural resonance that can be altered when under stress. Listening to calming nature noises or music has been shown to help relax the body.

Sound Therapy experts say that it is another important tool in the healing process. Anyone who is under stress from an illness, or from everyday stress can benefit from sound therapy. It doesn’t even have to be Tibetan singing bowls but rather just go take a nap outside and listen to the birds sing. Free health care!