It’s Monday morning — or any time of any day for that matter —and you find yourself feeling a little off center, a little blue or just plain “salty.” You try positively affirming your way out of that bad mood, but the best you can do is mumble a near-profanity through clenched teeth at the next unrelated event that takes place in front of you. You know you need to “check yourself before you wreck yourself,” yet you just can’t seem to shake off the funk. So what’s a person to do when it gets to that point?

Compliment. Compliment. Compliment. Take a look around and pay a compliment to the first person you see. It sounds a lot easier than it is in the midst of trying to outrun a dark cloud that’s been chasing you all day, but if you stop running long enough to let someone know you like their shoes or their smile or even their left earlobe, both of your worlds will be transformed almost instantly.

Need proof? Here are the top 5 reasons a compliment can turn that frown upside-down and change the perspective of you and everyone around you in no time flat:

1. Compliments redirect your focus. Any time you can break the habit of “stinkin’ thinkin’” even just for a second, you’re shifting your attention from all the things going wrong in your day and putting it on helping make someone else’s day a little sunnier. And there’s a good chance your compliment to a complete stranger could go viral: strangers everywhere will be smiling at each other, telling people they pass on the street something they like about them. Yes, this is indeed a game changer for everyone.

2. Kindness doesn’t actually kill. You’ve heard the phrase “kill them with kindness.” Well, if the fear of killing someone with kindness has prevented you from complimenting them, you are hereby released from said fear. Kindness could quite possibly kill a bad mood or a bad memory, but it WILL NOT kill you or the person on the other end of the kindness. Don’t believe me? Try it! Be nice to someone right now and see what happens.

3. Compliments foster trust. Each of us walking this planet has the desire to be acknowledged. When someone else notices even the slightest thing about another person, it can shout to that person, “Hey! I see you over there!!” Your daily compliments to “the shy one” at work whose name no one knows can help her break out of her shyness and just possibly turn her into the best friend you’ve ever had. A person in your life you trust implicitly is imperative, and the more you build up others the more you’re also building up yourself.

4. What goes around comes around. When you give a compliment, you’re more than likely going to get one in return. Noticing someone leads to your being noticed as well, and when someone notices you you’ll feel special even if it’s just for a moment. That moment could be enough to carry you the rest of the day and keep you happy and productive. Your boss might notice the change in your attitude and give you the raise that’s been coming to you for the last two years. Of course you’ll then stay happier, enticing your co-workers to be happier and pretty soon the whole office building will be happier. Keeping joy circling around sure beats the alternative, don’t you agree?

5. Compliments don’t cost you a thing!