• 4 Gentle Ways to Become Resilient to Shame

    Shame. It’s the only thing you see as you catch a glimpse of yourself in the hallway mirror. Not your smile. Not your hair. Not the color of the shirt you’re wearing. Only the mask of shame and secrecy…and the longing to be free of what has stolen so many years of your life. You’ve […]
  • 5 Healthy Ways to Deal with Teens and Parties

    You dealt with it yourself as a teenager, and now you stand face-to-face with the one issue you’d been hoping to avoid with your own children — drinking. Until now all the parties your kids went to seemed innocent enough, but rumors of drinking at your teens’ events have been trickling into your reality. You’re […]
  • 4 Steps to Freeing Yourself from Your Shame

    You stand looking into the mirror wondering who the person is that’s staring back at you. The face looks vaguely familiar, yet its features are distorted by the pain of the secret you’ve been carrying around for so long. You’re desperate to be free from the past that haunts your present, but at this point […]
  • 3 Gentle Ways to Help a Loved One with an Addiction

    Deep down inside you know it’s true, yet you still find yourself desperately begging God — anything — for it not to be. You’ve heard other people talking about it. You’ve even glanced at the books and articles dealing with it. But now you’re faced with it personally, and you have no idea what to […]
  • 5 Easy Steps to Parenting in the Present

    “Where has the time gone?” “I can’t believe they’re in high school already! It seems like just yesterday they were starting kindergarten.” “They grow up so fast!” If you personally have yet to utter any of these words, no doubt someone you know has. While it’s true time seems to be speeding up and life […]
  • Have You Had Your Greens Today?

    Although a novel could be written on the benefits of consuming greens on a consistent basis, specifically dark leafy greens, here are some of the top reasons condensed down for you!  First let’s get a little scientific: The green color within lettuces and green vegetables is chlorophyll; the result of the amazing process of photosynthesis […]
  • 5 Ways to Get off the Treadmill of Life

    You know you love it! You wake up every morning thinking about it. You get in the car fantasizing about the time you’re going to spend with the only thing that truly understands you. You finally get there, lay eyes on it and sigh. Yes…the treadmill. You love it when you’re done with it but […]
  • 5 Lessons You’ll Learn from Falling in Love

    Love. There’s nothing like falling in love for the first time…each time it happens. If you think back, though, to what you would consider your first “real” relationship — excluding the fifth grade crushes, the high school infatuations and the college…well, yes, excluding those experiences altogether — I’d venture to say your top five take-aways […]