• Five Ways to Increase Your Mental Strength

    In today’s fast paced world, few people take the time to stay physically fit and even fewer people work on their mental health. In order to be ready for anything, the mind needs to believe and be in the right space. Yet somehow millions of people neglect their own mind-sets. Below I highlight some of […]
    • by Kayiba Mpoyi
    • 4 Years ago
  • 5 Easy Steps To Becoming An Amazing Runner

    While growing up I was probably one of the most sedentary people I knew. This was all fine and dandy until I started putting on more weight than I would have liked. I tried a number of ways to burn calories, from basketball, to jumping jacks, to using a jump rope, but none have been […]
  • 5 Weight Loss Workouts You Can Do At Home (with instructions)

    You don’t need fancy equipment in order to get in shape and drop serious body fat. In fact, most of your weight loss workouts can be done at home without any equipment at all. Forget about benches, smith machines, cross trainers and running machines. Today I am going to share with you 5 weight loss […]
  • 6 Tips for Running 100 Miles

    If you haven’t seen The North Face’s new video titled “Curiosity” about ultramarathon runners racing around Mount Blanc in the European Alps, you should probably get on that. Once you have seen it, however, you may be gripped with the urge to burst out your door and attempt to run 100 miles. Humans are a […]
  • Avoid These 7 Fitness Mistakes For Better Results In The Gym

    If your looking to improve your fitness, or are a frequent gym goer, it’s very important that you have the right ideas in mind for the best results. So many people hit the gym or start a new fitness program with faulty advice. And it’s either learnt from other gym goers, or popular magazines that contain mostly […]
  • Carve Out Your Core With This 10-Minute Home Workout

    Finding an hour a day three or four times a week for exercise can be hard due to the constraints on our time. However, there is ALWAYS time available to exercise. It’s really just a question of how important it is to you. For the most part, schedules can be reworked to create adequate time for exercise. The […]
  • 7 Ways To Burn More Calories Without Exercising

    Losing weight is simply a matter of expending more calories than you consume. Most people go about shedding the pounds through a dietary calorie deficit coupled with activities like running and cycling. There is however, another known mechanism of burning calories without eating less or going to the gym. It’s called NEAT – it stands […]
  • 4 Exercises You Should Never Avoid If You Want Muscle Gains

    Achieving your potential for muscle and might demands extraordinary discipline and dedication. There is no place for half measures, corning cutting, laziness or lukewarm enthusiasm. If you do not train well, rest well, sleep well and eat well, you will get nowhere and make minimal progress. For an uneducated body builder, they can spend months […]
  • 6 Workout Myths Debunked

    There is a lot of false information floating around out there. Buying into to workout myths will not only render your workouts less effective — some can lead to injury! So before you start another workout, check out these 6 workout myths and make sure you’re not doing something you shouldn’t be doing. 1. Ab […]
  • The 7 Best Activities for Rest Day

    Many frequent exercisers have heard plenty about the importance of a rest day. It gives your muscles a break and helps ensure that you don’t hurt yourself and that your workouts for the remaining days of the week are as beneficial as possible. However, including a rest day into many people’s routines can be tricky. […]
  • 6 Ways to Keep the Whole Family Active

    Children are little balls of energy, naturally. But with seemingly endless television channels, gaming devices, and social media outlets, it can be difficult to get your kids interested in being physically well. However, there are many things you can do as a family that promote physical wellness without seeming like work. 1. Go on a […]
  • The 6 Best Free Fitness Apps for iPhone and Android

    With all that technology has to offer us these days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options there are out there. And with our schedules getting busier and busier, getting in that daily workout can be a struggle. Here’s where fitness apps come in to play:  many provide easy ways to manage calorie […]
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