Superfood Spinach Health Benefits Now Creates Heart’s Circuitry

Spinach is one of the most powerful vegetables on earth. For humans, it is a vegetable that’s packed with nutrient density. Both modern and ancient cultures have noted the extreme value that superfood spinach health benefits offer humans.

But new science is revealing that spinach also possesses a much more complex side to it: It can be used as scaffolding to reproduce a heart. Yes, the same spinach you eat on that salad is now being touted as a way for medical scientists to create a new heart. And it is just purely the most amazing thing you will ever see (yep, the video is below).

Why on earth would this be needed?

When people have heart attacks, they experience damage to their veins and arteries. Rebuilding those arteries and veins is a complex dilemma for surgeons and for medical science in general. Spinach appears to solve the issue by allowing blood to flow through it as if it were a network of arteries and veins pumping to the heart. This process, according to a study, published this month by the journal Biomaterials, is essential to rebuilding a heart damaged from a heart attack (or various other degenerative reasons).

Scientist have used 3D printing to replicate human tissues, but we’ve yet to use a vegetable to rebuild an organ (I suppose you’d have guessed that, though). Imagine if we could use cucumbers to rebuild….eh….I’ll choose not to digress in such fashion for now.

“The main limiting factor for tissue engineering … is the lack of a vascular network,” says study co-author Joshua Gershlak. “Without that vascular network, you get a lot of tissue death.”

Spinach is built as a circuitry of veins and this plays right into the ambitious hands of scientists and researchers looking for ways to pump human blood into an ailing heart organ.

The spinach was soaked in human cells prior to activating it. Blood was then used to fuel the spinach leaf’s circuity of veins. And it passed with flying colors.

What does all of this mean?

It means that people who have suffered damage from heart attacks may well have a solution to repairing their damaged veins in the future. These repairs have long haunted surgeons and science as complicated and at times, futile. But now spinach may be the rug that ties the room together, to use a metaphor from The Big Lebowski.

Any person who has suffered any sort of cardiac issues could potentially benefit from spinach. The deliverance of oxygen to the heart organ could save a life. This would, in essence, create new heart matter. So yes, spinach would be building a brand new heart.

Science is incredible, really.

Spinach Health Benefits

Spinach has a long list of health benefits associated with it. Spinach health benefits include high nutrient density, fiber, and protein. Spinach health benefits are reportedly amplified when cooked, which is contrary to popular thinking. But that’s good because I love cooked spinach.

Spinach, as a superfood, tends to be the top of the superfood health chain. And it is widely available for consumption. You can eat it on salads, buy it cheaply and cook it or even juice it. Many of the best green drink superfood powders contain spinach, as well as other amazing green superfoods that can give your health a serious boost.

You may not need a heart rebuilt (we really hope that you never do), but you could eat spinach daily to help keep your heart happy and healthy.

Spinach is a powerful superfood that is filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight cell damage which in turn, helps to fight cancer. Eating spinach daily for cancer prevention just makes sense. When it comes to cancer prevention, nothing is foolproof and I’m not suggesting otherwise, but what I will say is that doing the little things each day can help improve your health. And that alone might help prevent cancer.

In fact, including as many superfoods as possible into your diet can only serve to benefit you. Don’t smoke, don’t drink too much alcohol and avoid as many processed foods as possible have also been shown to improve your health. Oh, you could, dare I say, exercise a little bit as well.

Spinach health benefits now include building a heart. But spinach is also good for a heck of a lot more things and maybe this scientific discovery can be used as a way to remind us all of the vast spinach health benefits that we should all be getting in our diets. So go out, get some spinach and celebrate.