The temperature dipping outside can only mean one thing… No, not that is time for the holidays, but that you are about to deal with sore throats and runny noses. Let us be honest… When you are returning home for the holidays, you want to impress all of your exes and the family members who are constantly digging at the direction that your life is taking. But how do you impress someone when it hurts to even mutter one word? A sore throat hardly makes you sound like a sexy and throaty jazz singer, but with these home remedies, you can work on the other aspects of your life, instead of worrying about sounding like a mute, idiot in front of the people you want to impress.

Gargle with Salt Water
While it may seem like an “old wives ” tale, salt naturally draws out the inflammation and fluid throughout your body (just make sure that you do not swallow this salt water, or you will have a beautiful bloated face/body, accompanied by squinty eyes, during your holiday visit!). Your primary goal (when dealing with a sore throat at least) is to draw out the water that is caused by your swollen and inflamed cells in the mucous membrane. Gargling with salt water (one cup of warm, not hot, water and half of a teaspoon of table salt) will accomplish this goal for you by shrinking that inflamed cell and, in turn, easing your pain. Do this about three times a day to completely destroy any pain and spend your holidays drunkenly yelling at everyone, like you were meant to!

Licorice Root

Admit it, those lozenges that you pop into your mouth every five minutes, to temporarily soothe your sore throat, do not do much for your healing. You just like the flavor of those little candies. And how often do you have an excuse to nosh on candy all day? Licorice root can provide you with that same delicious flavor, but also give you the opportunity to speak beautifully and eloquently throughout those long, holiday dinners. Just gargle some licorice root with warm water every time you brush your teeth and you will not have to deal with the sore throat that creeps in every holiday season.


Winnie the Pooh had something right when he gulped down buckets of honey. Mixed in with your tea, or taken straight, honey does not only soothe your already achy throat, but honey is chemically designed to naturally speed up the healing process, therefore patching up the damage that your raw and dry mouth caused to your throat. A mixture of honey and ginger (one teaspoon each) in half a cup of warm water, combined with the juice of half a lemon, is all you need to coat your throat with the antibacterial properties of these ingredients.


This may seem strange (and you definitely should not do this prior to a hot date or your big, holiday dinner), but sucking on a garlic clove can eliminate the pain and irritation that haunts your sore throat (bonus: no vampires will be stalking your bedroom window anymore!). The secret lies in the garlic’s allicin. This is responsible for destroying the bacteria in your throat and alleviating your throat’s pain. Simply suck on a garlic clove, occasionally grating your teeth over it to release the allicin, do this once a day and you will be talking up a storm in no time.

Honestly, the holidays are not really about impressing your past, but we all crave that boost of self-esteem. Now that you know the tricks to get rid of an achy throat, you can devote your extra time creating the impressive life that you dream about. Spend your time wisely and you will be more than ready by your next holiday trip!