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How do you live dangerously? Let me count the ways: uncontrollable drinking, chain smoking, engaging in extreme sports, and other health risks may be the first things you can think of. When you think of sitting all day, the issue of health risks and death never crosses anybody’s thoughts, right? But that’s absolutely wrong! Sitting is also dangerous and can even be deadlier.

Organ damage, muscle degeneration, unhealthy brain, back problems, and leg disorders — these are the issues attributed to long uninterrupted sitting. The truth is you can sit yourself to death! I know it’s not easily believable, but this is what four experts explain in a detailed infographic I’ll be sharing with you. You’ll thank me after seeing this, I’m sure.

This is reported by Bonnie Berkowitz and graphic is designed by Patterson Clark. I know the fonts are almost not readable, so I have chopped up the photo to enlarge each portion. That way, you can read the words easily.

Her are the issues: you might be unaware that your organs are at risk whenever you sit for long hours. Here are things you badly need to see:

Regarding your cardiovascular health — fatty acids can clog your heart when you sit for prolonged periods of time. This causes blood to flow sluggishly, and when you sit for 8 hours straight, your muscles will naturally burn less fat which usually brings about heart clogging.

Cancer can also not be far when you indulge in your favorite sedentary position. When you are immobile and seated all day, you produce excess insulin which, in turn, encourages an abnormal growth of cells. When you act like a rock for long periods, you won’t produce natural antioxidants which are automatically produced when you continuously move. These health-preserving components kill free radicals (proven to be cancer-causing agents).

What about your muscles? Can they be badly affected by being motionless for hours?

When you are attached to a chair, you don’t move as frequently as when you stand or when you walk. That means you don’t use your muscles as often. This bad habit softens your abs which in turn will help you develop bad posture and other negative traits.

And your legs… …they will also be negatively affected. Look below for the details…

I have more graphics to show you. They will further explain why staying too long in chairs (no matter how tempting it is) can kill you slowly, or even quickly, if you’re not careful.

In case you have not gotten enough info about the scary activity called sitting, it’d be wise to check this portion of the infographic to learn how your brain is affected by being slumped in an easy chair most of your waking hours. Studies have proven that a lot of people like me spend more time sitting than sleeping. Here’s the dreadful graphic about sitting’s harmful effects to the brain:

As you have seen from the data visualization, if you live a sedentary life like most desk dwellers (office workers) do, you risk owning a slow brain. Blood circulation is at the most minimum when you’re nailed to a chair bringing about slow movement of oxygen and blood to that gray matter between your ears. This causes the haziness of your thoughts and other brain activities.

…and what about your back? Your posture is absolutely affected in the most destructive way (and most deathly manner, to say the least if you sit too much). Take a careful look at the graphic below:

So… if you want to remain looking good and standing tall, better move every 20 minutes or so (that is what experts advise). So when trying to finish some desk work, here’s a tip that is practical. Yes, it’s boring but it works. Get an alarm device — any alarm gadget will do — if you have an old school alarm clock, that will do as well. Set an alarm for every 20 minutes every time you sit down to write or do office tasks. When it goes off, you make sure to move. (Otherwise your effort is wasted).

Another alternative could be using a standing desk instead of a regular desk. Better yet, alternate between working in a regular desk where you sit, and then transfer to a standing desk for set periods of time. This will encourage you to move every 20-30 minutes. What do you say? Not too hard to do, right?

You’ve seen the bad effects of sitting too long. Here are things you should do to combat the bad effects. The experts we consulted strongly suggest what’s included in the following graphics…

Now, for the best way to sit…

Remember….sitting can kill. Do something about it.