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shakeology review

Shakeology green drink review

Shakeology Review | Let’s Get Started

Skakeology is one of the most popular green superfood drinks on the market today. You’ve likely seen the commercials for Shakeology while watching Matlock. Or not. I mean you probably do not watch Matlock. I kind of hope you don’t watch Matlock. Nevertheless, this green superfood shake is one of the most branded meal replacement drinks in the world. It not only contains fruits and vegetables, but also protein, making it a heavy player in the meal replacement market alongside other green superfood powders like Kylea Total Living Drink Greens. Of all of our top green superfood drinks, both Kylea and Shakeology are strong meal replacement options. My Shakeology review puts on display a powerful green drink that can make adding health into your daily lifestyle a much more fluid happening.

The green drink market is growing (pun intended). More products are surfacing every day. Separating the winners and losers within the herd is why my green drink reviews have become so popular. If you are someone looking to lose weight, lower cholesterol, improve heart health and burn fat, green superfood drinks are something you have likely thought a lot about. And popular brands such as Kylea and Shakeology are two the top competitors in the market. I personally drink one Total Living Drink Greens per day, but take nothing away from the power of Shakeology, the stuff is legit as anything. Part of my Shakeology review will revolve around the product’s ingredient value, which can serve to sway you one way or the other.

Shakeology Review |Does Shakeology Work?

Yes, Shakeology definitely works. It is a natural green superfood drink without toxic additives and chemical flavors. Consumer reactions to the green drink have been nothing but wonderful. People like it. It works for weight loss. Internet chatter is nothing but positive.

Because Shakeology has a protein composition to its ingredients, it can also be used for weight lifting and endurance athletes looking for additional muscle recovery supplementation. Shakeology can also serve the common person as a meal replacement drink. Meaning, you can drink a Shakeology shake and feel full, energized and healthy. This will help eliminate your cravings for midday junk foods.

Shakeology Ingredients

The most important aspect of our Shakeology review is the ingredients. Ingredients matter. Please pay attention to my review below as I make individual notes regarding each Shakeology ingredient blends. Depending on what you are looking to get out of a green superfood drink, you might consider each blend’s notes I added.

Phytonutrient Super Greens Blend
NOTE: 1800 mg. This is big time stuff. Algae, fermented grasses and superfood greens are some of the healthiest ingredients on earth. And Shakeology doesn’t short you on value with 1800 mg.

Chlorella, Spirulina, Hydrilla, Blue Green Algae, Spinach, Barley Grass, Kamut Grass.

Antioxidant Blend
NOTE: 1750 mg. The antioxidant load here is huge. This is a very powerful, healthy blend.

Acerola powder, Camu-Camu powder, Pomegranate powder, Bilberry powder, Acai powder, Goji.

Adaptogen Herb Blend
NOTE: Not great. You can get far better adaptogens on your own. The best they have in this blend is the ashwagandha. They could have done better here. Additionally, they don’t disclose the ingredient amounts of this blend.

Maca powder, Astragalus powder, Ashwagandha powder, Reishi powder, Cordyceps, Ginko powder.

Fruit Powder Blend
NOTE: Good lineup of ingredients, but the manufacturer doesn’t disclose the amounts of this blend.

Banana powder, Orange powder, Carrot powder, Pineapple powder, Rasberry powder.

Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend
NOTE: Any green drink with prebiotics and probiotics is wonderful, but again, this blend doesn’t disclose the ingredient amounts so assessing value here is nearly impossible.

Yacon, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Shakeology Taste

The hardest part of my Shakeology review was the taste factor. I know for many consumers, they put a lot of weight into the taste of the product. But the thing is, taste is always subjective. That said, Shakeology taste good. It utilizes fruits to sweeten the otherwise earthy ingredients. Superfood drinks are intended to pump up your health, not taste like a Happy Hour experience.

The Good From The Bad

Shakeology is a robust green superfood drink that packs a healthful punch. Taking this stuff daily is a legit improvement to anyone’s health profile. A few of the blends don’t disclose their ingredient amounts and this why I lean towards Kylea Total Living Drink Greens, otherwise, Shakeology is as awesome as advertised. I also encourage you to check out my top green superfood drink list and learn about other competitive health solutions.

Supporting Research

It is always good to educate yourself on how ingredients matter to your body. Green drinks are some of the most powerful health infusions for the human body. Here are some Shakeology ingredient science-based research and studies for your perusal.

Apple phytonutrient health benefits – Jeanelle Boyer
Chlorella Health Benefits Study – relief for fibromyalgia.

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