For most people, waking in the morning means starting coffee, or popping on Good Morning America, or even taking a shower.

But not for me.

Wait, did I just say I don’t shower and worse more, that I don’t drink coffee?

No, I do all of those things, I was just looking for a dramatic opening to a subject that’s a bit strange, maybe gross, certainly curious. I take a shot of pink Himalayan salt every morning when I wake. Following that, it’s just me and Lara Spencer and some ground up Ecuadorian beans. I also mix pink Himalayan salt in my water I drink during my MMA workouts because pink Himalayan salt electrolytes are the real deal.

Seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

So wait, did I just say I take a salt shot every morning?

Relax folks, things are going to be fine. Get control of your gag reflexes.

Pink Himalayan salt benefits are legit. And I use this stuff more than just to start my day. But let’s figure out what the heck pink Himalayan salt is before we dive too deep into the earth’s crust.

OK, it’s story time, friends…

Millions and millions of years ago, crystallized salt beds from the sea were encased by lava. Sound pretty Game Of Thrones? If not, just wait. These encasements were covered in ice for at least a millennia. Think Hans Solo in The Empire Strikes Back when he is frozen. This meant the salt was not exposed to air, pollutants, and anything which might have compromised the pink Himalayan salt health benefits we’ve come to know and love. We are talking regions such as Nepal and India. We are talking a mega-huge refrigeration system that not even the makers of Popsicle ice pops could fathom. The end result is the preservation of trace elements and minerals the human body thrives on.

Pink Himalayan Salt Health Benefits | Minerals

There are 84 trace minerals and viable elements found preserved inside of pink Himalayan salt: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Sulphate, Sodium Chloride. One important consideration which should be immediately noted is that while this is “salt,” it is not your standard table salt and the sodium aspect is greatly reduced. Pink Himalayan salt is much less refined than the typical salts you are used to seeing at the grocery store, or even on your counter shelves. That’s an important distinction because you don’t want to go around drinking plain old table salt, that would be gross. Don’t do that…please, DON’T DO THAT.

When you look at that nutritional lineup, you notice that it’s essentially a shot of electrolytes. As I stated prior, pink Himalayan salt electrolytes make it a way more viable option than gross Gatorade. Because of this, I sprinkle a little pink Himalayan salt in my water which I sip on during workouts. The electrolytes balances my thirst so I am actually MORE hydrated on LESS water. Go ahead and wrap your heads around that madness.

Pink Himalayan Salt Health Benefits | What To Expect

  • Helps prevent and relieve muscle cramping
  • Enhances your vascular health
  • Enhances lung and respiratory health
  • Helps create a PH balance in your cells
  • Better sleep
  • Increases sex drive
  • Better hydration
  • Stronger bones
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure
  • A natural detox effect relieves body of heavy metals
  • Makes you look younger
  • Better circulation

So How Does pink Himalayan salt benefits Work?

You are probably already wondering (and rightfully so), do you have to drink it? No, you don’t. You can sprinkle it on foods. The reason I take a shot of pink Himalayan salt is three-fold:

  1.  It’s just easier. When it comes to our health, simplicity is everything. Much like drinking a green superfood drink, taking a pink Himalayan salt shot is a fast, simple way to provide my body with a spectrum of health benefits in short order.
  2. On an empty stomach, it tends to wake me up and make me feel energized. You can even add lemon to it if you so enjoy. I feel like this gets my digestion and body moving.
  3. When I am working out, doing MMA, it helps me stay hydrated and balances my electrolytes (I don’t want to drink sugary concoctions like Gatorade during my MMA sessions).

How I Do It.

In the morning, I take about half a teaspoon of the salt and put it in a half a glass of water. I then chug it. If you’ve never done it, you might want to mix more water to start because the initial shot can be rather shocking. It can almost feel as though you’ve been dumped under an ocean wave.

For MMA, I put a teaspoon of the salt in a liter bottle of water. One note of caution, be sure to thoroughly wash that bottle at the end of the day, particularly the cap area where the salt tends to build up and get lodged. During my workout, I simply sip this water, rather than chug as I would with normal water. The reason for this isn’t due to the water having a terrible salt taste, rather, it is due to my feeling super hydrated. My primal need for water is relaxed due to being hydrated.

In conclusion, pink Himalayan salt benefits are amazing. You can start your day with a health bomb and you can vastly improve your workouts with increased energy and less cramping.