Physique Series Review – An Awesome Incredible Review

Physique Series Review

Physique Series Review

No one wants to be fat. Except for sumo wrestlers. Those dudes definitely want to be fat. Being a skinny sumo wrestler is a recipe for sumo incompetence. If you are reading this and you aren’t a sumo wrestler, it is very likely that any additional fat you have on your body is bothering you. I had a decent run through life with a sloppy belly. I remember once I was at a family picnic and my wife’s sisters said, “oh, so who is the pregnant one?” For clarification, my wife was the pregnant one. For additional clarification, my wife’s sister is kind of a $#%^. During this stretch, I wasn’t a sedentary guy that spent months waiting for McRib or Shamrock Shake season. I was active. I ate apples. But I just couldn’t “shake” the fat. I had a friend introduce me to fat burner supplements several years back. It wasn’t like an “intervention,” per se, but more like a “come to Jesus” moment.  I learned within about 30-days that a natural fat burner supplement could greatly change your physique and state of health. I was 37 when I started.

Today, I review fat burner supplements. Today (the actual day, not the proverbial day), I bring to you a Physique Series review. Full disclosure: I have used a handful of fat burner supplements. I eventually settled on BurnerTEK because it seemed to work the absolute best. I’ve never used Physique Series, but I have examined it to the core. My Physique Series review will show a fat burner supplement that’s a compilation of proven fat burner ingredients. It works. While it isn’t on my top 5 fat burner list, it most certainly works and is not a scam.

Is Physique Series A Scam?

I JUST told you that it’s not. But hey, I should probably extend on that a bit seeing this is a product review. One of the first things I look for when doing these reviews is the manufacturer’s reputation. The Internet is full of scams making it difficult to trust any provider. So let’s look a bit closer…

Physique Series is made by Transparent Labs. Their website is here. They have a number of other health-related products, including muscle bulking products and even tank tops. I can’t imagine why anyone would buy a tank top from them, but hey, to each their own. Their website has a lot of verified buyers on it that all say the product is great and works. But I wouldn’t go by that (yes, the product is good, but I’d take manufacturer approved reviews with a grain of salt).

This manufacturer has no major claims against it. Its billing practices are legit, so you don’t have to worry about buying a bottle to try out and then ending up with a year’s supply of CDs or finding out that your credit card was used in Fargo at an adult novelty store. You can shop safely and securely.

Is Physique Series a scam? No. Not even close. It is a legitimate product purchased from a trusting source.

Physique Series Review | How Does It Work?

Physique Series isn’t breaking any ground in terms of the way it accomplishes the end-goal. This fat burner speeds up your metabolism causing your body to burn calories at a faster rate. It isn’t going to burn through shamrock shakes or McRibs, but it will do a good job turning up the heat on your body’s main engine so that you aren’t storing fat all day for unnecessary reasons. Physique Series also claims to help suppress appetite. If you aren’t as hungry, you automatically reduce your caloric intake.

Physique Series ingredients are the core competency when it comes to the manufacturer’s authenticity. Three ingredients, Synephrine, green tea extract and forslean, all contribute to increasing the metabolic rate.

5-HTP is a proven calorie reducer, as well, it can help you feel a little better about life (it has been shown to be a mood enhancer). I tend to eat when I feel depressed or watch sad romantic comedies. 5-HTP helps me deal with Jennifer Aniston’s romantic obstacles a bit more enthusiastically.

One of the more interesting Physique Series ingredients is L-Theanine. L-Theanine is found naturally in green tea. You often hear people say that green tea is “less harsh” than coffee. The truth is, the caffeine is the same, but the addition of L-Theanine found in green tea takes the caffeine’s edge away. L-Theanine also improves cognitive skills and focus.

Physique Series ingredient quantities are fully disclosed. If you are new to fat burner supplements, then you might not appreciate this as much as you should. Many fat burner supplements avoid disclosing ingredient amounts making it difficult to assess the value of the product.

Physique Series Review

Physique Series Ingredients

A few Physique ingredient notes beyond what’s mentioned above:

  • The caffeine total is high, but the L-Theanine should help those who may react a bit more harshly to its effects.
  • Cayenne Pepper is a wonderful thermogenic and helps speed up the metabolism.
  • The addition of L-Tyrosine, along with 5-HTP, make it a viable mood enhancer (this is a plus).

So What’s Good?

  • The ingredients are potent, science-based, and work.
  • Appetite control aspect is great.
  • Lowers anxiety that often is a result of losing weight.
  • One of our better-reviewed fat burner supplements

So What’s Not So Good?

  • I prefer BurnerTEK. Better Value.
  • It really is pricey in comparison to others in our top fat burner list.
  • Lot’s of caffeine may turn some off.

The End Game

It is worth a shot. I really prefer BurnerTEK, but that doesn’t mean that Physique Series isn’t good. It is great. But educating yourself on the competition inside of my best fat burner supplement list can’t hurt, either.