Peloton Cycle Review | What The Heck Is This Thing?

Unless you’ve been living in the proverbial cave, you’ve most certainly seen the ad campaign for Peloton Cycle. The main driving factor as to why you’ve now heard so much about Peloton Cycle is because the company, a little under a year ago, made an abrupt change in the Executive structure of the company. Peloton Cycle hired Lori Tauber Marcus as their Chief Marketing Officer. In today’s Peloton Cycle review, we will examine how her hiring changed the game for Peloton Cycle. Additionally, we will use today’s Peloton review to see if Marcus’s marketing hype machine comes to fruition after you purchase the first online / interactive cycle.

Marcus launched Peloton Cycle across a massive swath of TV and Internet. Prior to Marcus, Peloton Cycle launched in 2013 as a kickstarter project. And it raised the funds to become a reality in relatively quick order. You’ve likely seen the commercials. Again, our Peloton Cycle review is to determine if you will end up as happy as, well, this girl.

The commercial feels comfortable. Almost serene. Even though the idea of cycling is high-energy. Let’s be honest though, we don’t all live in a home that affords us a near 360 view of a rain forest. But good on this family. My Peloton Cycle review was a great experience, I must say. But Peloton achieves this feeling by playing to all of our innate urges to want to remain in our comfortable abodes. Going to gyms suck. And Peloton knows this. Not everyone is comfortable hopping into spin class at a specific time and in a specific place, sitting next to other people who we share sweat with. I don’t want the flu, I want to lose weight. Peloton pitches itself as that solution.

How Does Peloton Cycle Work?

This Peloton Cycle review would be rather worthless if we didn’t explain how it works. Essentially, the Peloton Cycle is a spin cycle bike that operates inside your home. The bike has a screen for visual internet connectivity with cycle instructors, but it otherwise is a close replica to any spin cycle you’ve seen at a gym (and this is good). We love what we know, so for spin connoisseurs, Peloton Cycle does not disappoint.

First, let’s have a closer look at the screen.
peloton review

The full screen is 21.5 inches. It’s considered a fully functioning console. For reference, this is much larger than a laptop screen. It feels like a computer touch screen, which stands to reason, because that’s exactly what it is. You will see your instructors appear on the screen. You can either join live classes, or you can watch previously recorded classes. Peloton connects to your home’s wifi. You download the live or previously recorded classes. With live, you are streaming, obviously, but I assume some onboard caching occurs. Peloton most certainly eats bandwidth, but most Internet providers these days are fully capable of handling this. If for some reason you are on dial up, this might be rough. You’d need to download an archive rather than jump into live.

I found the sizeable screen to be super high quality. It’s pretty legit. The sound and visuals make it feel like you are really in the class. Honestly, I’d say I felt more so in the class in Peloton than I have in my LA Fitness spin classes. I mean, the instructor is right there and you hear everything. Its way more motivating.
The screen is waterproof. This makes sense seeing you will be dripping hard earned sweat all over it. Additionally, you likely are drinking some water (or at least I hope you are) while spinning away.

Let’s dive a bit further…

The screen allows you to adjust the cadence. So if the instructor on the screen ask you to turn up the intensity, you can easily do this. This makes following the instructor super easy, in fact, I’d say easier than if you were in the spin class. You still have the intensity knob, but the screen allows you to easily see what’s happening.

You can also change the watts. In most traditional spin classes, people have no idea what this is. On Peloton, instructors may ask you to change watts and you can easily accomplish this. A regular spin class would just tell you to push as hard as you can, but with Peloton, seeing the watts level means the instructor can give you a definitive number to reach for. This keeps you in sync with exactly what the Peloton instructor is shooting for. In a regular spin class, you are just sort of guessing.

At end of a Peloton class, you rate the class with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” While not earth shattering stuff, this is exactly the type of communal approach that products thrive from. This allows Peloton to constantly improve its courses.

Chains and belts are replaced with silent functions. So the bike is engineered to be a useful machine to run in the home. Your husband or wife or kids might be in bed, you are still able to silently burn calories in a Peloton class.

Peloton seats are easy to deal with, unlike a lot of crumby bikes where as you can never figure out how the heck to adjust them. You simply adjust the lever with a winding motion. I had my wife do it and she found it easy to adjust.

Likewise, you can easily adjust the seat’s distance to the handlebars. I will note and as you can see from the picture, there is a cozy place for your workout weights. That said, IF the weights get in the way of the knob that loosens the seat, you can pull the knob out just a little bit, rather than remove the weights. How about that Peloton pro-tip.

Adjusting the Peloton Cycle handlebars works in the same easy way.

Peloton Cycle Experience

I’m not going to lie, it is awesome. You really can’t beat the way these classes interact with you. It feels way more intense than being in a spin class. After using the Peloton Cycle, I don’t think I could ever go back. And I have yet to see a bad Peloton review. After purchasing and using Peloton, I can see exactly why that is.


  • The spin cycle is top quality.
  • The classes are simply awesome.
  • The course subscription cost you LESS than a gym membership.
  • The screen is dazzling and makes you feel you are in the class.
  • You compete with others, it motivates the heck out of you.
  • The bike is incredibly easy to adjust.


  • It’s expensive.
  • You need legit Internet.
  • You may become a hermit.

Peloton Cycle Cost

Well, now for the million dollar question. Literally, does Peloton cost $1 million? Not quite, but it isn’t cheap. The Peloton Cycle costs $1,995. That’s for the bike. You will own the bike. The Peloton Cycle subscription service costs $39 per month. If you don’t buy the subscription, you should understand that you are just purchasing an ultra-cool spin bike. And paying way too much for it. You would need to budget for the subscription costs.