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mind ignite review

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Mind Ignite – The Nootropic That Saved My Mind And Career

mind ignite reviewAdderall addiction is a real thing. I know this, because the truth is, I was addicted to it for years. The first few months, Adderall felt as if it were my best friend. I honestly told a lot of people that Adderall had changed my life in ways that too amazing for words. Sadly, I’m likely responsible for a number of other people who became addicted to it.

When I first began taking it, the “pop in focus” was amazing. I was someone who felt the organ between my ears was a cluttered up mess and Adderall seemed to “unclutter” the mess. But dark days would eventually ensue as months went on. I became addicted, right at the point that Adderall lost its effect. Worse more, I was reduced to buying it from underground resources.

Today, I know that my Adderall addiction was fueled by my lack of understanding in how the brain actually works. I was sadly a denier of all things natural, I thought that was “just for hippies.” I came across brain supplements, better known as nootropics, while researching natural ADHD cures. I was hesitant at first, however, after trying a few well-reviewed ingredients, my mind began to change (and focus). Today, you will hear that nootropics is the fastest growing supplement vertical in the world and that pharmaceutical companies are losing revenue due to consumers switching from Adderall to nootropics. I’m here to tell you that nootropics are exploding and that’s directly a result of products that work.

Mind Ignite is one of the top nootropics on the planet. Mind Ignite ingredients are an array of scientifically proven brain enhancing ingredients. If you are new to supplements, supplements essentially take a number of relevant ingredients and combine them to increase the effects of the supplement and lower the overall cost the consumer pays. Mind Ignite is one of many great nootropics existing in a highly competitive and growing brain supplement market. My Mind Ignite review will look most closely at the ingredients it possesses. No matter what supplement review you ever read, make sure you pay attention to the ingredient sections because the ingredients matter most. Next to that, cost matters.

Mind Ignite Benefits

  • Contributes to increased brain health
  • Boosts memory function
  • Side-effect free
  • Increases study/work productivity
  • Enhances ability to concentrate

Mind Ignite – What Is This Stuff?

Mind Ignite focusIt’s a fair question. One should never take anything they aren’t sure of what it is. That’s how people end up eating yellow Starbursts. Mind Ignite is a nootropic that’s garnered a large fan following through a bevy of viral Internet reviews. The manufacturer of Mind Ignite rarely has been known to advertise citing that “most of our business is derived directly from consumer testimonials. We’ve been incredibly fortunate in garnering so much consumer support.”

Mind Ignite does, however, advertise some. I’ve seen it. Being a sizeable and profitable company, that’s to be expected. That said, Mind Ignite is something of an internet brain boosting sensation. With most nootropics, word of mouth is the highest form of marketing available. Consumers are simply too smart anymore to not read testimonials.

Mind Ignite Ingredients

What’s in it, matters. This Mind Ignite review of the ingredients is the heart and soul of this product.

First and foremost, Mind Ignite does have some caffeine (200 mg). That’s a couple of cups of coffee. If you are bothered by caffeine, consider yourself warned. However, caffeine is a spectacular brain booster.

One of Mind Ignite‘s main ingredients is Beta Phenylethylamine HCL (400 mg). Difficult to pronounce, I’m sure, this stuff is powerful brain food that tends to help elevate Mind Ignite beyond the herd. Beta Phenylethylamine HCL helps the brain produce dopamine. Dopamine isn’t just about happiness, it is also a heavy contributor to focus and concentration. It propels that clarity feeling.

The addition of 300 MG of Bacopa Monnieri is something I think is truly brilliant. Bacopa Monnieri is a legit and proven brain health supplement. It is involved in creating a better ecosystem for the brain, allowing it to use oxygen better. Without oxygen, our brains suffer the consequences of poor memory.

The 100 MG of L-Theanine being found lower on the Mind Ignite label is a testament to this supplement’s potency as a nootropic. L-Theanine is one of the most proven brain enhancers there is. Many people take it with coffee, but in this case, Mind Ignite has already intelligently supplied the caffeine. That doesn’t mean you can’t drink a little coffee with it, the L-Theanine will actually remove the hard edge from caffeine and leave the beneficial brain effects in place.

100 MG of Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo is one of the world’s oldest and most reliable brain boosters. It is known to increase blood flow to the brain. The brain needs blood? Stop the presses!

Insomnia is one of the leading causes of poor brain health. When you lack sleep, you have trouble concentrating, as I’m sure you well know. The addition of 100 MG of L-Tyrosine resolves this issue.

100 MG of Rhodiola Rosea is a pop of Siberia’s finest adaptogenic. This is a tough plant that can grow in almost any environment. Even taken alone, this herb can seriously boost your ability to focus.

100 MG of Phosphatidylserine, yet another tough pronunciation, but super beneficial brain booster. It has been linked via scientific studies to enhance memory.

10 MCG of Huperzine contributes to accelerating the production of acetylcholine. Why is that important? Acetylcholine is an essential chemical for the brain’s health. It contributes to a healthy memory.

I should note additionally that Mind Ignite is also filled with B vitamins. So if you do choose to purchase Mind Ignite, you won’t have to also purchase a B complex supplement.

Notable Benefits Of Mind Ignite

  • These ingredients work, you can find all types of proof in studies
  • The anti-anxiety benefits in Mind Ignite are an extra layer of value
  • You will not be stuck buying $30 B complex, Mind Ignite already has that in it
  • Rhodiola Rosea is a prime ingredient that’s not often found in big nootropics
  • Side effects should be limited or none at all
  • You can order it online as long as you are not homeless. Even then, I think you can have it shipped somewhere and pick it up. Maybe you are
  • homeless because you have trouble focusing on work.

Things That Could Suck

  • There is caffeine, so be aware
  • You prefer being forgetful, particularly at dinner parties where you insult people by forgetting their names.

Final Thoughts On Our Mind Ignite Review

Mind Ignite is a top-level nootropic experience. The nootropic industry is evolving every day and as consumers, we have a load of wonderful and inspiring options. Mind Ignite is without question, at the top of that list. You can’t go wrong with Mind Ignite.

For more information visit www.mindignite.com

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