Laughter is one of the most powerful healers the body can experience.  Laughter can help boost immunity by easing the effects of stress hormones. One of the best feelings in the world is a deep belly laugh. There are yoga classes dedicated to a full hour of laughing and doctors who prescribe laughter to patients who suffer from anxiety. So why is it that we feel so good after laughing? Here are some amazing results of what daily laughter will do for your body.

Stress | Benefits Of Laughter

Laughter is proven to reduce Cortisol, a human hormone deeply tied to increased stress. People need Cortisol, for example, if someone is mugging you or trying to run you off the road. However, having Cortisol fire for reasons beyond necessary primal fear isn’t always the healthiest environment. Less stress on the body means a better functioning immune system. Even just getting a few giggles in a day is great for your body.

Blood Pressure  | Benefits Of Laughter

Laughing has been show to lower your blood pressure, which will reduce your risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Researchers from Osaka University in Japan found that the science certainly does show that laughter can help lower blood pressure. Many people rely on medications to lower their blood pressure and we certainly aren’t recommending they stop, however, it would seem logical that those who do suffer from high blood pressure give their favorite comedies a try.

Toned Abs  | Benefits Of Laughter

Want better-toned abs? Laughter can help do the trick. Laughter makes the muscles in your stomach expand and contract similar to when you do crunches.

Burns Calories  | Benefits Of Laughter

Laughter can burn calories. Laughing raises your heart rate by about 10-20%. So you could burn about 10-40 calories by laughing for 10-15 minutes. Not the most effective way of burning calories but it still works.

Laughter also offers us a lot of social benefits. Laughter can help strengthen our relationship bonds with family, friends and our husbands and wives. It can be used to attract others who are fun and lively, thereby infusing our lives with positivity. It can help reduce the impacts of conflicts. And it can promote teamwork at the office.

When you laugh, your body almost dispells anxious thoughts. The laughter is so powerful that it literally causes your brain to forget those anxious thoughts which cause us stress throughout the day and night. When we laugh, our perspective immediately shifts into a better place. What we might see as threatening due to our stress hormone’s overreaction, ends up seeming more neutralized. The reality of any stressful situation is that typically, it isn’t as big of a deal as our stressful brains attempt to make it out to be.

Laughter is a process that has us “letting go.” For some of us, we live the life of an introvert which can be stressful. Laughter is a release that we almost don’t control. To laugh is to let go. It is stopping the control-freak that resides inside of us. It makes us loose and carefree. Much like meditation, it clears our minds.

So How Do We Laugh?

Wait, do we really need to be explained such a primitive concept? No, but we often need reminders. Here are some suggestions:

Call an old (or new) friend who makes you laugh. You know who they are. Someone you love to chat with on the phone that often ends up in funny conversations.

Rent a movie that makes you laugh. Old School is my personal favorite, but I also love Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Think of funny situations from your past. Things in your past that made you laugh then will often make you laugh now.

Start looking for the more humorous angle in things. You can choose your perspective, so why not choose the funny perspective?

In the end, laughter is a major key to our health. So folks, get out there and laugh! It’s good for your health!