When it comes to superfood green drink reviews, HealthToday.com would have a tough time finding a much more potent and qualified superfood powder than Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens.

This green drink supplement is fantastic and one of the finest I’ve ever reviewed (and I’ve reviewed most all of them). Of all the Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens reviews I’ve seen, I haven’t ever seen a bad one. So if you want to pass on my Total Living Drink Greens review and just buy this stuff, that might not be your worst idea. However, if you are new to green superfood drinks and want to hang around, I’d most certainly appreciate the company. Unless you are one of those people who rents movies and purchases shows on my Comcast account without permission. Then I probably would prefer you not stay. Otherwise, I’m happy to have you.

Being an avid health nut who consumes plenty of shakes and green powder supplements, I tend to get rather detailed when it comes to these reviews. Is Total Living Drink Greens worth it regarding value? Are their nutrients disclosed to the buyer? Is the nutrient density legitimate? And hey, how’s Total Living Drink Greens taste? It passes all this and much more with flying colors, so let’s get started.

PRODUCT BRASS TACKS – Total Living Drink Greens Review

The Product’s name is Total Living Drink Greens. Kylea Health And Energy are the makers. For Kylea Health And Energy, Total Living Greens is their staple product. If you visit their website, you will find it as the featured product. The product’s cost is $99, but it would appear new consumers to the site can get a $10 off coupon for their first purchase. The owner of Kylea Health And Energy is Joseph Costello.

The manufacturer uses the following tagline as a description of Total Living Drink Greens: Complete superfood green drink with protein, greens, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, herbs, vitamins & minerals.

NUTRITIONAL LAYOUT – Total Living Drink Greens Review

When I look at any green drink supplement on behalf of HealthToday.com, I focus strongly on the nutritional profile. So first, let’s look at exactly what’s in TLDG:

Chlorella | Dulse| Spirulina | Broccoli |Fenugreek  |Alfalfa | Carrot  | Barley |  Lecithin | Brown Rice |Bitter Melon | Apple Juice |  Pineapple | Wheat Grass

I haven’t seen a lineup this powerful than this since December 14th, 1969, when the Jackson 5 debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show. If you are looking for a powerful nutritional bomb, these Kylea guys certainly hit the nail on the head with this concoction.

The real excitement comes when you find out how much all of this is per serving. Hint (it’s 13-grams). That’s a tremendous amount of fruits and vegetable superfoods. If you aren’t new to green superfood drinks, you probably already know this. But if you are new, you will have a tough time finding a superfood drink that has that high volume of serving sizes and discloses the full nutritional label.

The way they achieve this high volume serving size is a little bit unique, when compared to their competitors. Kylea claims that each serving represents five to seven servings of vegetables and fruits. To be true to such a claim, Kylea uses juice extracts in Total Living Drink Greens. This allows them to offer such high potency.

Let’s dive a bit deeper now…

Total Living Drink Greens also has proteins, digestive enzymes, probiotics,  antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. Your protein value is just short of 12-grams per serving. Now, if you look at protein bars, they will often contain around 20-grams. But TLDG uses isolate protein and includes all the superfoods with it. 12-grams is certainly enough to serve as a meal. You could also use TLDG as a pre-workout drink due to this protein potency.

TLDG contains 450 mg in five various enzymes, as well as 295 mg in probiotics. Your stomach will salute you, my friends.

There is also 1,200 mg in herbs.


The manufacturer, Kylea Health And Energy, claims “everything you need to establish a baseline of nutrition for the body.” Unless you just skipped to this section, the prior section should make that claim rather obvious.

Try Total Living Drink Greens, Click here to visit www.kyleahealth.com

HOW DOES IT TASTE? – Total Living Drink Greens Review

If you compare Total Living Drink Greens to the competition, it tastes as good if not better. If this is your first time to ever purchase a green drink superfood powder, you might expect a little earthy, grassy taste. The mix of fruits alongside vegetables makes Total Living Drink Greens something you can just put in water alone.

I love green drinks I can just use with water because it simplifies my life. But I also enjoy, from time to time, using almond or rice milk. Either is fantastic solutions for TLDG.

Its, not an apple martini at happy hour, but it is pretty darn good if you ask me.

VALUE – Total Living Drink Greens Review

A one month supply cost $99. Now, you could just use half the serving sizes and then you’d be cutting your cost in half. This would mean that rather than using Total Living Drink Greens for one month; you use it over the course of two. If you are trying to save a few bucks, this might make sense for you.

The canister it comes in is 2.6 lbs. This means you get 38 grams of superfoods per serving. Additionally, that’s 119 calories per serving which is important to those who might use Total Living Drink Greens as a meal replacement (I do this every other day).

If you price out every individual macro, you’d be looking at a hefty price tag:
Protein: 12-grams, you’d be looking at about $15
Greens: 13-grams, you’d be looking at $60
Probiotics: 295 mg, you’d be looking at about $20
Digestive Enzymes: 450 mg, you’d be looking at about $20
Antioxidants: 1,200 mg, you’d be looking at about $25
Herbs: You’d be looking at about $25
Vitamins & Minerals: Yep, about $15

A handy calculator or someone like Rain Man immediately tells us this sum total is $180. Not to mention you end up hanging out in GNC all the time, buying all types of different packages. I already do that because I’m a supplement reviewer, so let me tell you, it sucks.


  • More complete than any other superfood drink around
  • Substantial, “meal replacement” levels of protein
  • Lots of enzymes and probiotics can almost immediately improve gut health
  • Heavy handed on antioxidants which are excellent at breaking down free radicals and fighting cancer


  • It doesn’t taste like an Apple Martini
  • Not much in healthy fats
  • You like hanging out in GNC

Visit: www.kyleahealth.com to purchase or for more information

Here’s a link to a great video review.