Instant Knockout Review | Getting Started

When we associate things with the term, “knock out,” we tend to think about Mike Tyson. We might even think about Christy Brinkley from the original National Lampoons Vacation (as we should). Well now, we can associate a fat burner supplement with the term. And that’s more than just because they named their supplement after it. In our Instant Knockout review, we take a more involved look at a popular fat burner that ranks among Health Today’s top fat burner supplements.

Other Instant Knockout reviews have similarly concluded that this fat burner works wonderfully. Today’s Instant Knockout review will be geared towards determining why the product is so good. We will look at the benefits versus the value and we will dive deeper into the product’s ingredients. We may even talk about 80’s Christie Brinkley some more. I really don’t know. We can do whatever the heck we want to!

Losing weight is a difficult tasks for any of us, particularly when we’ve breached age 30. I felt like after I turned 30, the machine churned with more grind and less efficiency. I gained belly fat. I noticed more afternoon fatigue. My workouts started to resemble bad Ashton Kutcher movies. I stopped getting offers to model for stores in the mall. Seeing I never got offers to model for mall stores, this wasn’t used as contributing evidence of the failed fat burning machine, but it made me feel a little better to mention it anyways. The point is, you situation probably isn’t unique. As we age, our bodies release little armies of enemies that work against our greater health goals.

For many of us, this means we need a little help. That’s what fat burner supplements do, they offer a little help. They don’t ship all the cargo to the destination, they just add another gear so it arrives faster. This means YOU still need to eat healthier, eat less, move more and sleep better. Instant Knockout benefits have been widely touted by many consumers as one of the best solutions out there.

Instant Knockout Review | What’s The Benefits?

Instant Knockout benefits, according to the manufacturer, revolve around weight loss.

  • Natural, scientifically supported fat burning ingredients
  • Focuses on belly fat (yep, this fat is different)
  • Helps control junk food cravings
  • Improved energy levels
  • Increases muscle (and maintains muscle)

Instant Knockout works by putting the body’s metabolism back into a higher gear. After you turned 30, you had that big party celebrating the fact that you avoided not being ran over by a car for 30-years. That same day, your metabolism decided it was time to retire on some lazy beach in Panama. This is the main reason your body loves to collect fat in the stomach. Your metabolism simply doesn’t run as hot. Instant Knockout helps the body’s metabolism heat up.

Instant Knockout benefits those who are obese as much as it benefits those who are trying to lose annoying belly fat. The natural ingredients are the core reason the product is so effective. This is not similar to pharmaceutical concoctions claiming similar results. In the case of Instant Knockout ingredients, you can rest assured that what’s going into your body is natural and proven to work.

Instant Knockout benefits also include making you feel a bit less hungry. My experience was that my sugar cravings were greatly lessened. If you can limit sugar, you can limit calories with relative ease. Sugar opens up those hunger cravings and typically, you aren’t going to crave a salad and an apple.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Green Tea: One of Green Tea’s main ingredients is catechin polyphenols. This ingredient helps your body better manage its sourcing of carbohydrates. When you improperly use carbs, you gain weight. Green Tea also contains and amino acid called L-Theanine, which helps lower the stress hormone, Cortisol. And this not only makes you feel a bit calmer, but also helps you lose belly fat.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne peppers are hot. I mean, that’s pretty obvious, right? But did you know, hot burns calories? Cayenne pepper helps stimulate a physiological process known as “thermogenesis.” This is the body’s heating system. When the body heats up internally, it is burning calories. Cayenne pepper is a superior ingredient when it comes to burning calories.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine is one of the best ingredients for burning fat. Caffeine increases energy and improves your workouts. It also increases metabolism. There isn’t much in the way of arguments against caffeine, it’s simply legit.

Vitamin B6: B6 helps control blood sugar levels so they don’t become exorbitantly high or dangerously low.

Vitamin B12: B12 is the carb wrangler. It helps your body use carbohydrates in a more efficient manner.

Chromium: Chromium has been shown via numerous studies to help balance your blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels are compromised (too high or too low), that’s a bad sign for your weight management and general health.

Zinc: Zinc is proven to combat low-testosterone. Low-T, as it is often termed, contributes to increased belly fat and sluggishness and lowered sex drive. Zinc is ultra important when it comes to weight loss for this very reason.

The Good?

This stuff works. The ingredients are natural and disclosed. You get a lot of ingredients in one capsule, which saves you time and money. All of the ingredients are backed by research-based, proven science. It is difficult to argue against this fat burner supplement’s legitimacy.

The Bad?

Well, caffeine for some people can be a bad experience. You know who you are. Also, competitors such as BurnerTEK are just as good and offer greater value.