Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be your own boss, make your own hours and keep all the money you work so hard to generate in your own bank account instead of living on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder and being time and financially broke? More and more people these days are desperate to discover alternative ways of generating recurring income without having to pick up a third or forth job, but who has the energy to even begin entertaining the idea of becoming an entrepreneur? And with so many network marketing companies out there today, where would you even start to gather information about how to actually make being an entrepreneur successful? Here are a few tips and tools to take the guesswork and fear out of stepping into a future of regaining you life, your joy and your passion.

1.  Read “Rich Dad. Poor Dad”…today! This book by Robert Kiyosaki has been known to revolutionize the way people view money, education, the work force and society as a whole. Having sold over 26 million copies, it’s opened the eyes of its readers to the reality of the the mindsets of people living with wealth versus those of people living paycheck to paycheck. Once you’ve read or listened to the audiobook in your car on your way to the rat race wheel, connect with other leaders in the industry who you find yourself connecting with and continue learning from them as well. Scott Ross, Johnny Wimbry, Eric Worre, Les Brown and Jim Rohn are just a few other headliners who can fill in any information gaps you come across.

2. Pick your passion. What is the one thing you hear yourself saying time and time again, “If I could do anything in the world, I’ve always wanted to ________”? Starting with that dream as your motivator, begin to see your life as if you’re already living in your passion. Imagination is one of the most powerful tools you can use to begin to shift energy from feeling stuck in a dead-end situation to “Hey, this just might be possible!” Allow the possibility of potential to lead you to doors you thought you’d never be able to open and keep trying the handles until you open the door that’s been protecting your passion this whole time.

3. Do your research. Now that your path to financial and time freedom has been illuminated and you’re armed with the thought of your dream finally becoming a reality, explore all the available options of network marketing companies that are in alignment with what you love. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to travel the world, thoroughly research those businesses that offer you ways to make money sharing your experiences vacationing. If health and fitness are your forte, talk to people doing business with products supporting that industry.

A note of caution, however: relying on Google as your only source of research and information is limiting and generally one-sided. Do your homework by getting involved personally to find out all you can about the idea your entertaining and make sure it’s going to be something you’ll be interested in for the long-haul. Any new venture will take time and effort, but seeing YOUR OWN DREAM through to its manifestation could very well be the greatest and most rewarding feat you’ve ever attempted.

4. Face your fears. What’s more terrifying: believing your dream is possible and taking the steps to live it or being in the exact same place one year from now are you are today? As cliche as it may sound, you truly have nothing to fear but fear itself. And if you keep your day job until your residual income kicks in from your network marketing business you’ve only worked part-time/spare-time, there’s no pressure to force things to happen other than organically and authentically. Before you know it, your family will have their time with you back and you’ll be able to check off all the others things on your bucket list you’ve been saving for “someday,” that one day that is nowhere to be found on any calendar…