How To Consume Alcohol Without Getting Fat

Most of the population enjoys a good drink. Some people like their evening wine, while others like to let loose on the weekends.

Regardless of how much we value our health, when it comes to alcohol most of us will make an exception.

After all, some of our most fun memories and wild experiences were under the influence of alcohol.

We can all relate to time in our lives that if it weren’t for alcohol, the experience wouldn’t be the same.

However, today’s article is not about moral judgment, or the reasons why you drink. Instead, this article is how to consume alcohol without getting fat.

The following guide, if applied on the days you consume alcohol, will help you minimize the negative side effects of weight gain, and other metabolic disorders that accompany it.

Alcohol And Fat Storage

First of all, Alcohol contains 7. 1 calories per gram. You probably wouldn’t know this, because it’s never listed on the nutritional label.

However, what’s interesting about the calories from alcohol is that they don’t store as body fat.

This is because your body places consumed alcohol high on it’s metabolic priority list. To say the least, when alcohol is consumed, your body gives it its full attention (It is poison after all).

Because of this, alcohol puts the breaks on fat oxidization. So on the days you drink, the food you consume will likely store as fat.

Alcohol And Body Fat Control

Now that you understand how alcohol affects the metabolism, let’s take a look at how we can prevent fat gain on the days we drink. Oh, and you don’t need to count calories either.

The rules are followed:

1. Eat Plenty Of Protein

On the day of drinking eat unlimited amounts of protein. Because protein has the most satiating effect, it will keep hunger at bay during the day. Some examples are: Turkey, chicken, tuna and cottage cheese

2. Eat Plenty Of Green Vegetables

You’ll need to keep your carbohydrate and fat intake low, but it’s important that you get plenty of fiber.

Green vegetables do this job perfectly as they are low in calories and high in fiber. They will also keep you full.

3. Drink Low Sugar/Carb Beverages

 The best sources of low carb alcohol will be spirits: Vodka, Gin and clear Rum with zero calorie mixers such as diet coke would be ideal.

If your fan of beers, we might have a slight problem as they yield the most calories. For example, 8 pints of beer can round up a shocking 1,600 calories.

That is the equivalent of thick crust 14-inch pizza. However, if your a frequent lifter of heavy weights, then throw in a workout on the day of your drinking and you might get away with it.

4. Don’t Eat Out when You Drink

 This should now be obvious, because your body cannot access any of the calories you eat from food, as alcohol get’s full priority.

Of course, we tend to lose sight of the consequences under the influence of alcohol. But if you have to, write this down on your hand, as it’s the most important part of all.

Prepare a midnight meal at home, packed with protein and vegetables. Wheatgrass before bed has shown to help the hangovers.

Final Note

I should also point out that alcohol has a range of other health benefits; moderate consumption has shown to make you live longer and improve insulin sensitivity.

Of course, the best way to avoid getting fat is to not make poor dietary mistakes. But, if you follow this guide sensibly, you can still lose weight and stay lean throughout the year.