How do you eat paleo when you’re on the go? Grabbing a donut or Twinkie can be extremely tempting. It can be tough to eat paleo especially since people don’t carry an oven or a grill around everywhere they go. Never fear! There are healthier alternatives that can be taken with you or grabbed while you are out and about.

Here is a list of delicious and nutritious snacks to grab when you’re hungry and pressed for time.

Nuts – Almonds, walnuts, cashews, and more. Watch the fat content.

Dark chocolate – Find stuff that’s 80% cacao or higher. Eat it in small amounts.

Trail mix – Trail mix is a good pre-packaged option for a mostly-paleo snack. Watch out for the mixes which contain tons of sweets.

Beef jerky – Jerky can be a good snack as well, though it can get expensive if you choose it as your main snack item. Some brands also contain trace amounts of wheat and soy, so, if there’s any chance you have any allergies, be careful about overindulging in jerky. Store-bought jerky tends to have a high sugar content as well. A good alternative here is to make your own beef jerky.

Plantain Chips– Sold at Trader Joes or Safeway

Lara bar– These bars only have nuts, dates, and fruit. An excellent power bar!

Piece of fruit– Apples, Bananas, Oranges, or any berries I think are easiest to take with you.

Any vegetables– Carrots, sugar snap peas, peppers, celery, or cucumbers.

Olives– Trader Joes sells Black olives with a pull open lid. I’m guilty of eating a whole can for a snack. Oops! Did I just admit to that?

Restaurants– Always order a piece of meat with a side of vegetables and tell the waiter/waitress to hold the bread.

Remember you can always cut yourself a little slack if something isn’t %100 Paleo. Aim for about %80 while you’re out and about. It’s easy to eat Paleo when you are at home with a stove so another helpful tip is to make lots of leftovers. Leftovers saved my life! No joke. I love having lots of extra food the next day that I can just take for lunch.