There are many diseases and health conditions that olive oil is being found to be effective against.  Olive oil has polyphenols which act like an anti-inflammatory similar to ibuprofen but without the side effects. Polyphenols also protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Articles that I have read, have said, that using olive oil for cooking can destroy these positive properties.  A good olive oil actually has a smoke temperature of over 400 degrees, and normal cooking, sauteing, baking, and frying will not destroy the health benefits of olive oil. For centuries olive oil has been used for cooking, sauteing, baking, and drizzling. The well known and successful Mediterranean diet is based off of recipes where sauteing, and heating, are commonly practiced.

The following is a few of the health conditions that olive oil is being found to be effective against.

Lower Cholesterol:

Olive oil can actually lower cholesterol by lowering the levels of total blood cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and triglycerides. At the same time it does not alter the levels of HDL-cholesterol (better known as the “good cholesterol”).

Decrease Blood Pressure:

Recent studies indicate that regular consumption of olive oil can help decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


It has been demonstrated that a diet that is rich in olive oil, low in saturated fats, moderately rich in carbohydrates, and soluble fiber from fruit, vegetables, pulses and grains is the most effective approach for diabetics. It helps lower “bad” low-density lipoproteins while improving blood sugar control and enhances insulin sensitivity

Reduce Chances of Getting Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Recent studies have proved that people with diets containing high levels of olive oil are less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis

Help Prevent Cancer:

The phytonutrient in olive oil, oleocanthal, mimics the effect of ibuprofen in reducing inflammation, which can decrease the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.

Be aware of label fables.  If a label reads “Light or Diet” olive oil let it be known that that product will not be lower in calories, but lighter in flavor.  Generally it is just a marketing tactic and not an extra virgin product but one that has been modified. You will more than likely pay for their marketing even though it will be an inferior product and not have the health benefits mentioned.