How can we find a balance between the seafood we love to eat and what is right for the oceans? It’s important to understand the impact we make with our choices. The ocean is where life started, it sustains all life on Earth, and is important to every living being on this planet. In recent years, the oceans have endured tremendous amounts of devastation. The oceans’ suffering directly affects each and every one of us. However, we can help contribute to restoring the oceans by making sustainable seafood choices.

An ever-growing hunger for seafood has pushed many of the world’s fisheries to the brink of disaster. The problem is much bigger than missing a few seafood meals but rather the health of the entire planet.

Informed consumers can make a huge difference by knowing where their fish is coming from. Sustainable seafood is a way to manage the oceans resources so we can continue to thrive.

A sustainable fishery would target plentiful species that are lower on the food chain because they reproduce very quickly. Of course every fishery must be well managed and track the seafood from the fishing boat to the dinner table.

Fish farms can be very sustainable, however there is an ongoing battle to keep farm raised fish free of pollution, disease, and not creating damage to coastal ecosystems. So whenever possible look for wild caught fish.

Guide to ECO-friendly fish:

  • Look for seafood guides. Many non-profit organizations offer programs to help guide your seafood purchasing decisions.
  • Check for Eco-Labels. This is considered a seal of approval because fisheries must pass third party certification before being awarded the Eco-label. This certification takes a lot of time and money that not every fishery has. So this does not necessarily mean a fishery does not follow sustainable practices without this label. It’s just a good reassurance!
  • Fish Watch gives you access to the most up to date information on the status, science, and enforcement sustaining our nations fisheries.

Where you spend your money is your vote to end illegal fishing practices. Make it a smart one!