Although a novel could be written on the benefits of consuming greens on a consistent basis, specifically dark leafy greens, here are some of the top reasons condensed down for you!

 First let’s get a little scientific:

The green color within lettuces and green vegetables is chlorophyll; the result of the amazing process of photosynthesis which captures the sun’s vital and nourishing energy within its cells, allowing it to grow and flourish. So essentially, chlorophyll, or “plant blood” if you will, is sun energy. Interestingly enough, at the molecular level, the structure of chlorophyll and the structure of human red blood cells are almost identical. The only difference between the two is that in the center of the molecule structure, blood contains iron (used to utilize oxygen) whereas chlorophyll contains magnesium (to enhance the process of photosynthesis). Health benefits of chlorophyll have been found to include:

-Increasing oxygen in the body

-Reducing the binding of carcinogens to the organs and DNA

-Fighting infections

-Wound healing

-Controlling hunger cravings

-Reducing body odor

-And so much more!

Putting together the pieces, it is a logical realization that chlorophyll has an AMAZING ability to purify and deeply cleanse the blood, which runs through our veins feeding the entirety of our body. With this in mind, chlorophyll can be used as and thought of as medicine meant to detox, heal, and rebuild the blood, and therefore the body.

Cleansing/Detox/Healing purposes

This realization of the healing power of chlorophyll and other plant life is in no way a modern discovery. Hippocrates, the Greek physician born in 460 BC regarded as, “the father of medicine,” coined the famous statement, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

Speeding up to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, physicians like Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. Norman Walker took the healing power of chlorophyll and applied it to mass amounts of people. Dr. Gerson has been responsible for developing a specific therapy successfully healing thousands of people from “incurable” diseases such as cancer and others such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, arthritis, and more. How did he do this? Dr Gerson’s therapy is based upon the foundation of GREENS! The regimen focuses on ingesting high amounts of fresh, organic, greens, fruit, and vegetable juices multiple times a day, coupled with large versatile salads. Firmly believing that the onset of disease is the result of nutritional deficiency and toxicity, he found that drinking large amounts of green juices FLOODS the body with chlorophyll, nourishing it at a rapid rate and deeply cellular level. Fresh juice no longer contains the vegetable fibers making it directly absorbable by the blood; the body has no work to do but to soak up the nourishment.

Dr Norman Walker, living foods advocate and author of 7 books, emphasized the same theory of green juicing. He was an example of robust health himself, living to the ripe age of 118 and experiencing a high quality of health and life until he passed. Dr Walker educated and assisted mass amounts of people suffering from various conditions, some as severe as being on their deathbed, in turning on the natural healing mechanisms inherent within their bodies.

Protein/Strength Building

Where does a stunning, 400 pound, pure muscle gorilla get its protein? Although there are clearly a few key differences between gorillas and humans, after chimpanzees, gorillas are our closest relatives. They are known to share approx. 98% of our genes. A gorilla’s diet consists of leaves, shoots and stems, fruit, and a few insects here and there. For a mountain gorilla, about 86% of their diet is the greens (the leaves, shoots, stems). Greens contain protein in its most natural and absorbable form. Simply by means of the sunshine and photosynthesis, new amino acids are created and entwined in the cells and fibers of the greens. By consistently eating a variety of different greens, you will obtain an abundant amount of different amino acids for your body to simply link up and utilize as a protein chain.  Ingesting your protein in this manner is far easier, more time efficient, and less taxing on the body than eating complex protein sources, which forces your body break it all down into by-parts, searching for a few usable amino acids, leaving what is unneeded as waste.

This is no new information either… By checking out the physiques of vegetarian, vegan, and raw vegan professionals such as: Mac Danzig, professional MMA fighter, Mike Mahler, world renown trainer, Koya Webb, track athlete and fitness model, and Rainbeau Mars, international award winning yogi, you will find that they all have beautiful lean muscle tone. You will also find that they report experiencing an increased level of strength, endurance, and speed in muscle growth, in addition to faster recovery periods, flexibility and an overall high quality experience of health. Greens are a large staple in their diets, bottom line.

Fast forward to today, where we have the luxury of walking into the grocery store and seeing a HUGE variety of different greens right there waiting for us. Let us be consciously grateful that obtaining a daily, diverse amount of greens is more convenient than it’s ever been. There are juice bars in almost every city now; we can walk in and say, hey, juice me up some green medicine!… and ta-da!