During the Holiday Season there are several ways to make environmentally friendly purchases. Here are a few helpful tips to have fun and help the environment this Christmas.

  1. Consider purchasing an artificial tree that you reuse every year. If you decide to buy a live tree, replant it after Christmas.
  2. If you do purchase a live tree, get a smaller one that is easier to cut up and put in your yard waste bin.
  3. Use LED lights that are energy efficient or don’t put up as many lights.
  4. Use a timer for your Christmas lights.
  5. Make homemade ornaments with recycled craft material in your home.
  6. Use recycled brown paper bags as wrapping paper. You can make pretty bows with leftover fabric from sewing projects. Or use last years ribbon.
  7. Invest in glass holiday dishes and cloth napkins. Paper napkins and plates offer convenience but waste precious resources.
  8. Offer to swap decorations with friends so everyone has something new to put up each year.

Hopefully these tips will help you have an Eco-friendly Christmas this year!