Christmas is over, but the countdown has just begun. Everyone is getting ready for a gala 31st night. Restaurants and night clubs are pre-booked, so you can expect that it will be jam packed with people. A house party is another great option for those who love to spend the last day of this year with family and friends.

Decorating the house for a party or any festival builds the excitement and sets the mood. You can always use ready made decorative items, but if you are great at handicrafts make them at home. Let your creative and artistic abilities guide you to make the best decoration for your home this New Year.

Invite your friends and cousins over to help you out with the decoration. This will turn a tiresome process of decoration into an enjoyable one. Put together all the ideas and make a plan before you start with the decoration.

Here are some easy to do decoration ideas to get your home ready for the New Year Party-

Use Lanterns and Candles: Transform those unused lanterns into marvelous showpieces. Just put some lighted candles and baubles inside the lantern. You can also use fairy lights to decorate the lanterns. Place them on the mantelpiece or corner table.

Create A Banner: It is easy to make a decorative banner at home. Write a beautiful message on it and add a touch of bling with silver and gold sparkle glue. You can decorate the main entrance with this homemade banner.

Decorate the Wall: You can always recycle and reuse the Christmas baubles like mistletoes and stars to create a unique conversation piece for your wall. Just attach the different colored mistletoe and stars on the ribbons or nylon wires with a staple gun. Attach these ribbons or wires on the wall to create a contemporary wall design.

Make a Collage: Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia and creating a collage with old photographs is the best way to indulge in it. You can use old greeting cards and photographs to create a collage. I am sure family and friends will huddle around the collage and discuss about their most enjoyable moments. This collage can start up endless series of conversations.

Make a Statement Piece: Bring in your old cycle and decorate it with fairy lights, streamers and ornaments. Wrap the fairy lights around the back tyres and at the front, secure the loose ends with a cello tape. If there is a basket attached at the front of the cycle, fill it up with candies or just decorate it with streamers. If you have a puppy soft toy, then you can place it inside the basket. You can also fill the basket with flowers. This ‘out-of-the-box’ decoration will catch instant attention.

. Decorate the Entrance: Never ignore the entrance when you are decorating your house for a party or any festival. Create a warm welcome using LED lights, balloons, streamers and banners. Place emphasis in decorating the porch, the door and the hallway. After all the guests form their ‘first impression’ here.

Effectively Use the Architectural Elements: Study the nook and corners of your home before you start decorating. You will notice many architectural elements in the house that can be used innovatively. For instance, you can decorate the window shutter slits, light candles on the window sills or hang ornaments on the window and place large-sized decorative pieces on the corner of the rooms. You can also decorate the headboard and scatter cushions on the bed to make it colorful. Make sure all the corners of the house reflect the festive spirit.

Throw In Some Colour With Pillow Covers:

Break the monotony with brightly colored pillow covers. You can make pillow cushions at home if you are great at fabric painting. Funky pillow covers are just apt for a party at home.

Framed Posters with Quirky Messages: You can collect some funny ‘jokes of the year’ posters and quirky message posters to decorate your house. Use a simple black frame for these posters. These posters will surely make people laugh. Add a fun element to your room with these posters.

Deck up The Chandeliers:  

The chandeliers which already brighten up your room can become a great prop. Just hang some baubles and cutouts of stars from the chandelier and switch on the light. If your chandelier is very ornamental keep the decoration very simple.

Utilize Empty Glass Jars:

You can fill some glass jars with Epsom salt to depict the snow and light a candle inside it. Tie some ribbons on the neck of the jar. Use some scented candles. You can also fill up glass jars with multicolored stones and place it near the window sill.

Bring Some Cheer To the Kitchen:

Festivals mean grand feasts and kitchen is the busiest place of the home. Bring some festive cheer to the kitchen by decorating the kitchen island and cabinets with streamers. Spread some goodies on the counters and side tables to motivate the expert chefs at home!


Place Gifts and Suitcases in the Unused Fireplace:

If you have a fireplace at home then the unused grate of the fireplace shouldn’t be left empty. Fill it up with gifts or small suitcases to create the holiday mood. After all holidays mean gifts and vacation to exotic locations. You can also use music instruments to decorate the mantelpiece, since a party without music is incomplete.

Party Masks and Souvenirs: Party masks add a fun element to theme parties. Use glossy wrapping papers and sparkling glue to make the party masks. You can also arrange for some small ‘tokens of love’ or souvenirs for your guests.

The Dining Table: Use bright colored table mats and napkins for the dining table. If you have rectangular dining tables use a table runner. Make a small flower arrangement and place it in the center. If you are great at vegetable carving then you can decorate the dining table with vegetable carvings. A carrot capsicum tree or a swan made from apple is apt for a lavish buffet spread.

Once Christmas is over remove all the decorations and start planning the decoration for the New Year’s party. If you have an open terrace or gardens make good use of space. The New Year decoration should have a contemporary or modern touch. Let your imagination go wild, as you paint the town red with the most stylish party decoration!