It’s football season, and that means getting together with family and friends and watching the game. Many people like to serve snacks at their watch parties, and while that’s certainly a good idea these snacks are often very unhealthy. Dip, chips, pizzas, and desserts are great accompaniments to the game, but they aren’t so great for your gut. However, there are lots of options when it comes to these snacks. Making healthy versions of them is easy, so you can eat to your heart’s content without any worry about packing on the pounds.

1. Spinach Artichoke dip

This classic dip is made healthy by swapping out the cream cheese that usually makes up the majority of the dip with beans. Sound weird? It actually has a very similar texture without giving up any flavor. And with only 59 calories a serving, you really can’t go wrong. Get the recipe here.

2. Zucchini fries

Forget greasy potato fries! These baked zucchini alternatives are crispy and have a mellow flavor, which means you can dip them in whatever condiment you like. This recipe is quick and simple, and your fries will be ready in 30 minutes.

3. Baked chicken fingers

Forget fried chicken fingers! Baked chicken fingers have all of the crunch and flavor of their fried cousins without any of the extra fat. And you can multiply this recipe easily to accommodate however many people you plan on serving.

4. Healthy quesadillas

Quesadillas can be loaded with fat, but they’re delicious and the perfect finger food for watching the game. To make your own healthy quesadillas, make them using whole wheat tortillas, low-fat cheese, grilled chicken, and veggies like peppers and black beans. This will deliver some nutritional value and keep the calorie count down, while still tasting great.

5. Low-cal muddy buddies

Muddy buddies are the ultimate in dessert snacking, and while one serving may not be a diet-ruiner, it’s almost impossible to stop eating these addictive treats. In order to enjoy your muddy buddies without all the guilt, consider making this recipe (which uses protein powder) or this recipe (which uses Fiber One cereal instead of Chex).