In today’s fast paced world, few people take the time to stay physically fit and even fewer people work on their mental health. In order to be ready for anything, the mind needs to believe and be in the right space. Yet somehow millions of people neglect their own mind-sets. Below I highlight some of the ways in which we can exercise our minds to be stronger and help increase our everyday productivity.

  1. Developing the correct mind-set

In order to achieve anything, the most powerful organ in your body i.e. your brain needs to be in its best shape. Imagine running a 100k marathon and just showing up on the day without prior training? I suppose that will not work out to well. As you most likely to be short of breath and exhausted before the game actually kicks in. yet somehow we do this with your own minds every day. We do not prepare our minds for the challenges ahead and for the day.

It’s important to develop yourself into a positive frame of mind at all times. This not only tricks your brain into thinking it is happier than should be, but you will automatically find more and more things to be happy about

  1. Understand your surroundings

We’ve used the concept of running a 100k marathon; now imagine running that marathon but with no knowledge, about which direction you’re supposed to be going, following the crowd is also a good move but how does that drive you to be ahead? The same concept applies to our minds, often we do not handle situations properly because we have not understood what is going on. Even if you are overwhelmed, do not rush into hasty decision making, actually take the time to understand fully what is going on and weigh your pros and cons before arriving to conclusions.

This will help wire your thought process during challenging situations.

  1. Read, read and then read some more

The importance of reading cannot be overstated enough. Reading opens your brain because you get a work out from going through words, digesting information and understanding what is being said. It increases your reading speed, which allows you to read more within a certain amount of time.

Most importantly reading gives you information. The best resource your brain can have is information. Getting your hands on academia thesis, business/political/economic books is one of the best ways to increase your general knowledge and improve your memory

  1. Playing challenging mind games

Games like Sudoku, scrabble, crossword puzzles and chess really gets the brain on a work out. Sites like have special brain and memory games that can help you get the work out you need. Mind games gives you a sense of calm and order, it keeps the brain healthy and it programs your brain into becoming a problem solver quicker and effectively.

  1. Get rid of toxins

Stop holding onto past failures and regrets and shoulda, woulda, coulda. If you let your brain operate from painful memory, the story in your mind will always be that you can’t and you shouldn’t and those self-limiting beliefs can really cost us our lives. We tend to hold back when we’re scared and we never get to find our true potential