Fat Burn X Review – Let’s Get Started

fat burn x reviewI know, you’ve been waiting for me Fat Burn X review. I’ve read the emails. I’ve seen the Facebook posts. I’ve opened my mail (some of you need to get the Internet)… I mean, I wouldn’t even know how to buy stamps anymore. Or write with a pen. Fat Burn X wasn’t intentionally left off my review list. And this isn’t where I tell you I was too busy for a Fat Burn X review; I’m not that pompous. The truth is, I dropped the ball. I had requested a bottle (or so I thought I did) but in actuality, the request didn’t go through. That was my fault.

Fat Burn X says you can gain energy and lose some weight, fast. It is a moderately popular fat burner supplement. Is it legit? Yes. Is it the best possible solution for weight loss? I would hesitate in saying so. We have a full best fat burner list you should check out after reading this Fat Burn X review which might help pepper some clarity into things.

Fat Burn X is essentially a scaled down version of BurnerTEK. Fat Burn X is good. It is not great.

Fat Burn X benefits include losing fat, allowing for increased muscle density, a faster metabolism and more energy for workouts. Basically, it is a fat burner, and it claims to do what fat burners do. The wheel remains unchanged here.

Fat Burn X Review – What’re The Digs?

Fat Burn X uses a handful of natural ingredients to help contribute to a faster metabolism. When your metabolism is slow, you are more likely to gain weight. Just like when you drive slow, you are more likely to collect tailgaters. In this case, your slow metabolism helps you collect fat. And this is an area you don’t really want any help in, at least I don’t. If you want your stomach to look like one of those Dothraki bad#@’s from Game of Thrones, having a slow metabolism is not going to get it done.

Your body needs to be a fat burning machine, even when you are just sitting around watching those Dateline mysteries. Natural ingredients which increase and stimulate metabolic function is at the very core of fat loss. As you age, your metabolism slows down, making it an even more essential component of your fat burner supplement.

This begs the obvious question: If this supplement contains this attribute, why is our Fat Burn X review so drab? Well, it comes down to value, my friends. As a fat burner supplement reviewer, I need to know more than the ingredients contained inside of the supplement; I also need to know how much of the ingredients are contained. In the case of Fat Burn X ingredients, they don’t disclose the amounts. They do this as a selling point for a “secret formula blend,” but the truth is, we can’t know that they aren’t doing it due to just stripping the supplement of value. In other words, you have no idea how much of what ingredient you are purchasing, making a value assessment impossible. Fat Burn X is not the only fat burner supplement to participate in this label enigma. I could cite many other examples. But it is a major factor in what separates our top 5 fat burner supplements from the ones which reside at the bottom. BurnerTEK tells us exactly how much of every ingredient is contained inside of the product, for example. Would you buy a car only knowing that it has an engine but without knowing the horsepower of that engine? Probably not.

Fat Burn X Ingredients

What is in Fat Burn X? Fat Burn X ingredients are definitely solid, however, as mentioned above, we have no idea how much of them there are. Additionally, there aren’t many. Grapefruit Extract, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Antioxidants, are all good ingredients for a fat burner. But they are not great unless we know how much of them is inside. That’s also overall a skimpy variety of fat burner supplements. If you check out our fat burner top list, you will see that you can get a lot more expansive ingredient lists for better value. Fat Burn X does have some outlier ingredients as well, but again, without knowing how much of each is contained in the supplement, this is sort of a mundane point.

This experience could be as simple as just drinking green tea. On the contrary, this product could be loaded with so much caffeine that you end up staying up for days watching Good Times reruns while trying to control your shaky hands. The experience, overall, is up in the air.

What’s Good?

  • The Fat Burn X ingredients are good.
  • The manufacturer is legit.
  • People have reported success in other Fat Burn X reviews

What’s Bad?

  • They don’t disclose ingredient amounts.
  • Could be loaded with caffeine, I am just not sure.
  • Better value with products like BurnerTEK.


If you purchase Fat Burn X, you are getting a legit product that does work. How well it works is what remains a mystery. With so many other options on our best fat burner list, it almost feels that this purchase could be a waste. Without the disclosure of ingredient amounts, a large part of the product’s competency is shed.