CytoGreens Review

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CytoGreens Review

I spent countless hours on this CytoGreens review. My fingers have typed to the bone. I’ve researched. I’ve not slept for weeks while investigating it.

None of that is true, but I do think my CytoGreens review is pretty dope. And I am confident that if you are in search of a perfect superfood green drink, it will serve to help you make an ultimate decision as to whether or not you go with CytoGreens, or something more like Total Living Drink Greens (I choose the latter, you may not share such sentiment, however).

CytoGreens Review | Who Makes This Stuff

Nova Forme is the company that produces CytoGreens. They are a legit company who won’t scam you. I’ve found no real complaints regarding them. They have an honest label that discloses all ingredient amounts and lots of happy buyers.

CytoGreens Ingredients

Antioxidants: CytoGreens ingredients includes antioxidants. You get acai berries, acerola cherries, and amla berries. This is an absolutely potent blend of free radical fighting ingredients. These berries have been proven to be anti-cancer.

Superfoods: CytoGreens is loaded in this department. Spirulina (1251 mg), Chlorella (1104 mg), Matcha Green Tea (1014 mg), Pea Protein (1007 mg), Organic Alfalfa (872 mg), Organic Barley Grass (658 mg), Organic Spinach (651 mg). This is a veritable knockout punch of nutrient density. Great stuff.

Prebiotics: 500 mg of chicory root gives you a healthy supply of prebiotics.

Probiotics: NONE. This is blasphemous. I’d say this is the one major mistake made by Nova Forme. They leave the buyer hanging and forced to make an additional purchase of probiotics. This is why I prefer Total Living Drink Greens.

What’s CytoGreens Taste Like?

We all know taste varies from person to person. CytoGreens does a decent job with taste by using Stevia to sweeten up the leafy greens. Most people really love the taste. I think it tastes a lot like a mild fruity experience but the earthy tones are definitely present. The earthy tones, however, are the health infusions you were looking to get when you decided to buy CytoGreens.

Is CytoGreens Worth It?

CytoGreens really stands out when we look at value. I’ve seen this stuff on Amazon for less than $30. I’ve not seen it priced over $50. There are 60 servings inside of a CytoGreens container. You get just under 10 grams per serving at anywhere from .75 to $1 each, depending on the price point you find it at.

Why A Superfood Green Drink Powder?

Have you ever been to a grocery store? My Whole Foods is like a war zone, I can’t tell you a number of times an elderly person has run their cart over my foot and injured me. These grocery stores are so packed that it is almost impossible to stop your cart without someone getting upset that you stopped. I just want to thump a cantaloupe and see if it’s any good without someone bumping up against me.

I need space. I need time to think. I need feet that aren’t injured by shopping carts. But I also need my health and this definitely makes things a little complicated.

Enter superfood green drink powders. I order my superfood greens on the Internet, I go back to watching some cat videos and the next thing I know, my green drink powder is knocking at the door (well, not literally, typically it is a UPS guy or gal doing the knocking).

No chopping veggies. No juicing them (have you honestly ever cleaned a juicer?). No long lines. No traffic. Just a knock on the door and you have yourself a masterful health infusion.

The question now is, will my CytoGreens review cause you to order their drink, or will you be best served clicking on my top superfood green drink list and finding a more suitable solution. CytoGreens is good. But for one looming reason, it isn’t great.

So, So Good…

CytoGreens ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, superfoods, and prebiotics. The value is amazing. And I think it tastes rather splendid.

So, So….Not So Good

CytoGreens lacks probiotics which may end up depleting the value that we touted earlier. Probiotics are expensive. You could opt to buy some sauerkraut, that might be your most inexpensive venture into purchasing live probiotics.

I also am not a fan of how much caffeine CytoGreens contains. But that’s up to the individual as to whether or not that should make a difference.

Final Thoughts?

CytoGreens is a legit superfood green drink. It’s not on my top superfood green drink list, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for you. I think my CytoGreens review is rather consistent with other CytoGreens reviews. You can’t go wrong, but you could do better. Hopefully, that makes sense.

Here’s a video advertisement straight from Nova Forme.

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