If there is one thing that most people in the modern world appreciate, it is a hot shower. Whether that shower begins the start of a grueling work day or ends as the fruits of a day’s labor, a hot shower is revered by many as the perfect choice. Hot showers certainly feel therapeutic and calming.

That’s why the idea of taking a cold shower goes over, for most normal people, like a lead balloon falling on their foot.

In fact, I’ve compiled a list of things people would rather do than wake up and hop in a cold shower:

  • Lick an airplane seat tray table top.
  • Drink a Visine-laced martini.
  • Light your small toe on fire.

But what if cold shower benefits could really be life changing? Well, the fact is, a cold shower can be one of the most beneficial experiences of your day. Cold showers can help you lose weight, fight off a nasty cold and feel better after you run a marathon. Let’s have a look at some of the great ways a cold shower might help improve your life.

Taking Cold Showers Burns Fat | Cold Shower Benefits

According to studies performed by Scandinavian Researchers, when you take a cold shower, you burn “white fat.” Oh wait, now we are most certainly confused, so let’s try to simplify this. Your body utilizes two types of fat. One fat is called “white fat” while the other fat is called “brown fat.” When we eat a lot of food (calories) and we don’t burn it (calories) off, it stores as white fat. With this simple understanding of white fat, it is pretty easy to see how bad white fat can be.

Brown fat, on the other hand, is found on babies. But it is also found in smaller amounts on adults. Brown fat is unique in the way that it protects the body from cold. When the body encounters cold, brown fat is activated and this causes calories to burn.

Those Scandinavians mentioned above found that a body exposed to cold temperatures had a metabolic rate pumped up to about 15 times the normal rate. This could mean a loss of almost ten pounds a year.

Exercise Recovery | Cold Shower Benefits

Athletes like Lebron James often take an ice bath after hard practices and games. You aren’t Lebron James, so I wouldn’t recommend you jump in a tin bucket of ice. However if yoga or spin class or running got the best of you, a short cold shower could shed similar results for you.

Improved Immunity | Cold Shower Benefits

Remember when your mom would tell you to get in from the cold because you might get sick?

Well mom, it seems, was wrong. Though we don’t recommend you bring it up at Easter dinner. In fact, exposure to cold led people to exhibit higher levels of plasma, increased white blood cells and increased T Helper cells. These are all predictors of a better functioning immune system. Everyone gets sick, but maybe doing a few small things daily, such as taking a cold shower, can help limit the damage done? That’s the end goal. A cold shower is simply an add-on to a lifestyle that’s already focused on being decently healthy.

Increased Testosterone | Cold Shower Benefits

What man isn’t looking for a way to increase his most manly of hormones? When your testosterone is low, you can count on feeling fatigued and having a libido that puts your sex life on a dusty back shelf. Researchers involved in a study from Nakamura et al found that human testis did their best work between 31 and 36 degrees celsius. And by best work, I mean that they are protecting the male body from negative repercussions. Anything hotter will drop testosterone production.

Being able to increase testosterone naturally is certainly worth a go in a cold shower, right?

Increased Productivity | Cold Shower Benefits


Showering takes time. Making decisions takes time. If you have a job, or you are a parent, you are likely going to have a day which forces you to make the absolute best use of your time. Hot showers take up a load of time. When you get into a hot shower, you can stay in it until the damn hot water heater goes cold. When you take a cold shower, you are in and out in less than a few minutes. That time savings is huge over the course of a day!

Save Money | Cold Shower Benefits

Long showers cost a lot of money over the duration of a month. Cold showers will immediately impact your pocket book by decreasing shower time considerable.

Improved Psoriasis | Cold Shower Benefits

Hot showers strip the skin of healthy moisture (yeah, I bet you thought the opposite). Skin, in general, will look better from cold showers, but skin that has issues such as eczema and psoriases should really see improvements. I have psoriases and hot showers, without question, stimulate the itchy plaques. Cold showers send them into more of a recession and calm phase.

But Wait, How Do I Do This?

Great question, I am glad you asked. If you have never taken a cold shower, you are best served to start the shower out at room temperature and drop it through the experience. Otherwise, get in a room temperature but splash the water on your body so that it gets the original liquid protective layer it needs to endure the colder temperatures. Also, you don’t want to hang out in a cold shower for too long, there is no proof that anything over a few minutes is necessary.