Cayenne Pepper For Weight Loss | An Introduction

Most people have a pretty love-hate relationship with Cayenne pepper. You either love that ultra-spicy effect or you avoid it like the plague. Many restaurants misuse the spice, dumping an overly liberal amount on foods. When used in moderate amounts and with other savory combinations, cayenne pepper can make any dish extremely tasty. It can also be used as a weapon against people you don’t like (think in-laws eating the muffins you baked over the holidays). But did you know that cayenne pepper for weight loss is a pretty real thing?

“I use cayenne pepper for weight loss,” we’ve heard people say. But what the heck do they mean? Can a spice, such as this one, really contribute to burning fat? The fact is, there are lots of natural fat burner ingredients among us. If we just learned to change our diet to include more of them, we’d be far healthier than we are now. All too often we think that only pharmaceutical medications or extreme weight loss programs burn fat. But the truth is, herbs such as cayenne pepper offer amazing fat burning and weight loss benefits. And all too often, they are overlooked by the masses.

The answer is yes, cayenne pepper for weight loss is a real science. And there is a lot of research to prove it (I link you at the end, but be warned, science articles are super boring).

Cayenne Pepper Fat Burning Science

Cayenne Pepper for weight loss

Some people love spicy peppers, while others cringe at the thought of it.

The main ingredient found in cayenne pepper is called capsaicin. So what is capsaicin? It’s an ingredient that turns on your body’s thermogenic mechanism. It also tends to suppress the appetite some. When your body’s thermogenic mechanism is turned into a higher gear, your body begins burning fat at a faster rate. When you combine that with appetite suppression, you get some very real weight loss and fat burning potential (those aren’t always one in the same).

Capsaicin doesn’t just help burn fat, though, it is beneficial in a variety of other ways as well. It can increase blood flow, help you maintain a healthy blood pressure level, it can increase your sex drive, and it may even help your digestive system (I know, that last part seem counter-intuitive).

How To Consume Cayenne Pepper for weight loss

Obviously, you can buy pure cayenne pepper as a spice and put it on your foods. You can also put a little in water, with turmeric and lemon, and take a health shot (this method certainly isn’t for everyone). You can buy cayenne pepper capsules. But the best way to get cayenne pepper is in combination with other fat burner ingredients. And you do that by taking a thermogenic, fat burner supplement. BurnerTEK is my favorite, but you can also check out my top fat burner supplement list as well.

Cayenne Pepper Weight Loss Studies

Look, I know you like me. I know you trust me to a reasonable degree. But the truth is, when it comes to fat loss, science matters. And when it comes to cayenne pepper, there is a good amount of science supporting it as a fat burner.

An article on shows a lot of evidence that cayenne pepper is a wonderful weight loss spice.

STUDYCayenne pepper increases the body’s thermogenic effects.

STUDYCapsaicin promotes metabolic health.

The Final Say?

Cayenne pepper for weight loss is a real, science-backed fact. You aren’t going to lose weight if you live a sedentary lifestyle and eat an unhealthy diet and simply add cayenne pepper into the mix. But if you are already taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle, adding in cayenne pepper could help you immensely. You can purchase cayenne pepper capsules, but the recommended option is to check out our top fat burner supplement list and find one that works for you.

If you have a good amount of hair on your chest already, you can take shots of it in water. I’ve done it. It will definitely wake you up, but it is a pretty intense experience. You can put cayenne pepper as a seasoning on your food. I love it on my eggs in the morning.

Cayenne pepper’s main ingredient, capsaicin, promotes thermogenesis. This helps shift the body into a fat burning gear. I feel a little warm after eating this pepper, that’s the thermogenic effect setting in.

I’d highly suggest working in cayenne pepper in one of the aformentioned ways. The science is there. Cayenne pepper for weight loss works.