Capsiplex Review | What Is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is one of the top rated fat burner products available on the market today. It is also one of our top rated fat burners we’ve reviewed. In fact, in our Capsiplex review, we determine that this product is a top 5 fat burner. In other words, Capsiplex is super legit. In fact, I give it 4.5 legits.

The fat burner market is one of the most competitive markets around. Therefore, it can seem pretty confusing, almost like watching an episode of Game of Thrones without some sort of handy cheat sheet so that you know everyone’s names (sorry but I have to otherwise I have no idea who anyone is). The truth remains, the fat burner supplement market is mayhem. The question is, though, why? Why is it suddenly such an ultra-competitive market?

Because recent research and science has proven that the body’s ability to burn fat can be stimulated via natural ingredients. For years, pharmaceutical companies reigned supreme when it came to fat loss pills. Suddenly, the game has changed and there are a lot of new faces showing up to tout their own concoctions. This means a lot of confusion. Who can you trust? Which manufacturers are bunk and which contain proven fat burner ingredients? Our Capsiplex review will show that this product is above board when it comes to ingredients and legitimacy.

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Capsiplex Review | What’s It Do?

Capsiplex claims to help people burn fat by speeding up their metabolism. If you have a slow metabolism, it can be an uphill climb to burn fat. A slow metabolic engine will deplete your body’s energy used for burning fat. Many people suffer the consequences of a slow metabolism either through aging or via sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles. Capsilex claims to lower the overall body fat. It says it will help suppress the appetite for junk foods. I am sure we can all see how a junk food appetite can destroy any semblance of a weight loss goal. It claims to increase energy expended during workouts. It also claims to help with digestion.

Capsiplex Review | How Does It Do All Of This?

There are two core components to weight loss when it comes to a fat burner supplement’s workload. One is appetite suppression and the other is speeding up the metabolism. Capsiplex does both. Capsiplex ingredients lend themselves to achieving both of these goals. Simply put, when you eat less and your metabolism runs faster, you are destined to lose weight. For most of us, this was the case in our teens and early 20’s. For some of us, a dragging metabolism was potentially something we dealt with our entire lives.

The metabolism helps the body burn stored fat as fuel. As is often the case, when that physiology drags, fat begins to store, particularly in the stomach region. Not only is this fat often unsightly, but it is some of the unhealthiest fat on the human body. It is often times an indicator of worse health conditions existing far beyond broken vanity. Utilizing a fat burner supplement to resolve this issue is simply smart business. Capsiplex works excellent for this.

Capsiplex Ingredients | Oh, So THIS Is Why!

The ingredients in a fat burner matter. They matter individually, but also they matter in combination with one another. Because, science, folks.

Capsicum Extract: Campsicum has a thermogenic effect on the body. This means it warms up and burns calories. This also is an enhancement to the metabolism and one of the most essential components in fat burning. This is one of the key ingredients responsible for Capsiplex’s success and one of the main reasons it ranks so high for us.

Caffeine: Yes, caffeine is an essential fat burner ingredient. Now, some people who are sensitive to caffeine may not go any further than this part of the article and that is understandable. Caffeine definitely doesn’t sit well with everyone, but if you aren’t one of those people, you most definitely want it included. For those who don’t play well with caffeine, check out some of our other fat burner reviews.

Caffeine does a great job at helping to stimulate the metabolism. This helps your body burn stored fat. Essentially, your body will put all the fat you hate, to work. Kind of reminds you of that lazy nephew you have, doesn’t it? Caffeine helps to spark the metabolism so that you don’t have to work as hard to lose the fat. Of course, you still have to work, but hopefully you get the idea here.

Niacin: The first time I ever took Niacin alone, my entire body turned warm and red. I thought I was having a reaction or having some sort of out of body experience. But no, it was just Niacin doing its thing. This supplement doesn’t contain enough Niacin for that to go down, but you might notice some warming on your skin. Its normal. Niacin eliminates a good portion of the fat floating around your bloodstream. This gives way to essential nutrients which are looking to travel the body infusing it with health. In this way, Niacin is a warm hero.


  • Increase metabolic physiology
  • All natural ingredients
  • Works on current fat stores
  • Price is not bad at all
  • Suppresses appetite

No Good

  • Contains caffeine and some folks might be sensitive
  • Less overall value than competitors such as BurnerTEK

Final Word

Capsiplex is a great fat burner. It contains essential, all-natural ingredients scientifically shown to reduce and burn fat. It has few reported side effects if any. It is priced right and has a great reputation. I would say it is most definitely worth a shot.

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