Can people live without soap? There are certain things that people hold as necessary. That when lived without, this somehow represents a step backward in human evolution. For most people, two showers a day is normal.  Soap and Shampoo are our hygenic weapons against body oder and germs. But what if people actually didn’t need soap?

Author Sean Bonner lived a year without any kind of soap and his results were very inspiring. Here is a small section of his book:

“My skin feels better than ever before. Not that it ever felt bad, really, but it feels awesome now. Still no stink at all, I swear even when I’m really active and sweating I don’t notice any B.O., and I used to be über self-conscious about this and would think I was stinking if I walked up a flight of stairs too quickly….And with the exception of changing climates drastically, even the dandruff is history. My previously wavy and mostly unmanageable hair now seems much more willing to bend to my will, a dream of mine since I first looked in a mirror, brush in hand, then tried and failed to make any sense of that monster.”

Bonner concluded that human skin and hair have their own regulatory system and to leech the oils and other goodness nature provides with artificial agents goes against our biology. Bonner claimed that when he went shampoo free the natural oils came back to his hair and he didn’t have dandruff anymore.

Another shampoo free pioneer named Lauren O’Neal Has gone years without using Shampoo. She only rinses her hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar every 5-7 days. The idea is that baking soda and ACV create a stable pH on your skin. There are shampoos that advertise being “pH balanced”. However, many of those shampoos contain sulfates that strip away oils from your hair causing your scalp to over produce.

This is something I have thought about trying because I feel that deep down it makes sense. The only reason I use shampoo is because everyone else currently does. I’m up for a 30 day challenge. Anyone want to join me and share their experience?