There are about millions of articles on what foods cause fat gain or stall fat loss. You’ve seen them and it’s usually the same stuff. You don’t need another article telling you to avoid white bread, fast food and pop tarts. Instead we need to focus on different aspects of our fat loss journey, and what may be causing us to plateau.

There are many reasons why our fat loss efforts come to a stand still, and in today’s article we’re going to look at 5 breakthrough tips that will put your fat burning efforts in motion once again.

1. Get The Correct Macronutrients Required For Your Goal

Many people focus on calorie intake, however, your goals will depend mostly on where those calories come from. Macronutrients – carbohydrate, fat and protein – will differ from each person depending on their goals. If your trying to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass, a diet consisting of carbs and fat isn’t going to cut it. Yes, you may have your calories in check, but your food choices will determine what weight is lost – fat, muscle and water. It’s important that you get the correct macronutrients required for your goal, otherwise your risk hitting a plateau.

2. Stop Presuming You Can Make Progress Without Tracking Your Calories

Popular diets and weight loss brands would have you believe that weight loss is possible without counting calories; they would rather you focus on food choices and lose weight this way. However, this may work for the severely obese, but if your looking to drop pounds of body fat when your case isn’t as severe, then you cannot freestyle the eating process. Yes, you may have a clean diet consisting of healthy foods, but guess what? Health foods contain calories too. If your not making any more progress with your fat loss efforts then you must start tracking your calorie intake.

3. Get off The Low Carb Diet

Low carb dieting speaks for itself: your diet consists of mostly fat and protein sources, restricting all sources of carbohydrates. (vegetables are the exception, although we could just call it fibre). The problem with this style of dieting is that even though it has shown immensely to help shift body fat, for most people, they gain most of it back again. This is because people cannot stick to a low carb diet for life – unless your a Paleo fanatic – and when they introduce carbs back into their diet, they become inefficient at burning them. Also, carbohydrates benefit your metabolism, especially if your very active. Restricting carbohydrates could be one the biggest mistakes you’ll make when it comes to shifting those pounds of body fat.

4. Eat A Diet Consistent With Your Values

Most people who diet and want to lose weight aren’t in it for the long haul. Some of the most healthy, slim and athletic people eat a diet that is consistent with their values. Meaning: they value health and fitness, therefore their diet reflects that. A fat loss plateau for most people occurs because they don’t value the process, they don’t value eating in a way that brings them health, they just want the quick-fix solution; because of this, they make dietary mistakes throughout the process which hinders their progress. You must eat a diet that reflects who you want to be for the long haul, as a result, you will progress/

5. You’ve Restricted Calories So Much That It’s Now Time To Reefed

Losing weight is a journey, and for most people who have previously been overweight, they don’t want to relive those days. However, because of this insecurity, they often restrict their calories so much that they find it difficult to shift the remaining pounds. In these cases, a reefed is necessary. What is a reefed? It means eating more calories for at least 1-2 diets. It doesn’t mean you have to binge. It simply could mean raising your carb intake higher than normal for around 48 hours. You will not get fat in this process, it will actually jump start your metabolism to start burning calories efficiently. After the 2 days are over, you can simply continue your usual eating standard. However, you may want to do this reefed every 4-6 weeks to continue making progress.