I sure love my espresso. Yes, I said “espresso,” and I did not mean coffee. Now I do enjoy coffee, but my jolt of choice is most certainly the finely grounds of espresso beans simmering in a little glass cup. Or, espresso mixed with streaming hot water (an americano, they call it). An espresso, to me, comes sans the bitter acidity that the coffee seems to possess. Maybe that’s due to the espresso being a more condensed, smaller version?

Espresso has bite, there is no doubt about it, it is the old “hair on the chest” drink. That’s just a saying, of course, because women drink it and I’m pretty sure they aren’t literally growing chest hair from it. At least I’d hope not. Some people are intimidated by espresso shots because they lack the frills (sugar, creamers, flavors). And some people do get espresso in a big glass of sugar, flavors and creamers. Espresso certainly has some health benefits, but not when it is ruined in such a way with processed carbs and low-grade dairy. People can and will ruin anything, that’s just a fact.

Espresso helps me feel alive every morning. And for good reason, it has a lot of benefits.

But espresso taste gross

Many people don’t enjoy the tatste of straight espresso and coffee. I get it. But I will just say this, the first few times you drink them it can be shocking. After that, the lack of sugars become somethgn you crave. Your pallet will soon love straight coffee and espresso. The sugar addiction is the reason its so traumatic at first!

Benefits of drinking espresso

Increased concentration

When I drink espresso, I immediately feel way more focused. And there is a study that proves I’m not just living a fantasy.

Espresso tends to stave off any feelings of fatigue. Of course, if you aren’t sleeping well, there are only so many days you can use espresso as your bandaid. Eventually, you need to get some real, healthy sleep. Caffeine in espresso tends to jump start dopamine, which can also help us focus better. Now, caffeine is merely a short term solution to increased focus, so you you can’t depend on it to last forever. You also shouldn’t ramp it up hoping for exponential effects. In fact, too much caffeine would likely create an opposite scenario. “Espresso with caution,” I do say, because espresso has a much higher concentration of caffeine than its little sister coffee does.

It can improve your long-term memory.

Rejoice, my friends, you will finally be able to compete at bar trivia again. Or remember that old highschool buddy’s name when you see him at the reunion.

Michael Yassa, a neuroscientist from the University of California, conducted a study which found two espressos improved long-term memory. Ah, a case of more is better, how nice! I am on my second espresso as I write this article, so I suppose I’m heading in the right direction.

Espresso can help with weight loss

Espresso is a dense version of caffeine. Caffeine can help stimulate weight loss by promoting the science of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is your body’s heater heating up, which means calories are innately burning away. And burning calories is a wonderful indicator of weight loss.

In another odd espresso and weight loss connection, caffeine tends to ward off muscle pain following work outs. Say, what? Yes, there is even a study which shows this.

Espresso lowers your risk of getting diabetes

Diabetes in America is a crisis level epidemic. A new Harvard Medical study shows that consumption of caffeine can lower someone’s risk of type 2 diabetes by 11%, if the intake is daily. Now, this doesn’t mean drink caffeine and remain sedentary. You will need to exercise and eat right along side the espresso consumption.

Espresso can help reduce stroke risk

Researchers in Sweden conducted a study and found that drinking at least one cup of coffee per day had the effect of less risk for stroke.

Yep, that’s a real study. Real results. And espresso is really just condensed coffee.

Espresso Side Effects

Look, too much coffee can easily mean being irritable, having insomnia, and feeling too “speedy.” Let’s be honest here, this should be obvious to anyone. Caffeine speeds you up. Too much isn’t good. And if you are caffeine sensitive, it may well just not be right for you at all.

How to make espresso

Did you know you might not need one of those fancy Starbucks espresso machines to get your “fix?”

1) Buy an aeropress
2) Heat some water to around 185 degrees. Remove shortly after that heating point is reached. Perfect coffee heating temps are just over 200 degrees, however, the aeropress will help with that.
3) Grind those beans up. You want around two tablespoons of grinded coffee beans.
4) Make sure that aeropress is ready to go.
5) Fill the aeropress with the grinds.
6) Dump 4 oz of the hot water in. Stir that bad boy right up.
7) Plunge it out.
8) Drink the hell out of your new espresso drink.
9) Call Starbucks and tell them you want to break up.

So now you know everything there is to know about espresso. Treat yourself to one today.