If your looking to improve your fitness, or are a frequent gym goer, it’s very important that you have the right ideas in mind for the best results. So many people hit the gym or start a new fitness program with faulty advice. And it’s either learnt from other gym goers, or popular magazines that contain mostly bro-science. If you are serious about your fitness, and you want better results in the gym, then take note, and avoid these 7 fitness mistakes for better results in the gym, featured below:

Mistake 1: Using The Scales To Determine Your Progress

If you’ve just started a new fitness regime, it’s normal for you check your weight to see where your at. But the problem is, most people leap to the scales every morning, constantly on the look out for drastic changes in the numbers. The fact is: weight is a poor indicator for fat and muscle mass. If you are working out regularly, then it’s obvious that you are going to build some muscle weight. The scales cannot determine whether you have truly lost fat, or gained muscle. The best way to determine your results is with a measuring tape, or by taking regular pictures of your progress every week.

Mistake 2: Cardio Is The Best Form Of Exercise For Fat Loss

It’s easy to mistake a gentle run as a fat-burner, because after all, it makes you sweaty and it feels like a workout. Unfortunately it’s far from the most efficient way to lose fat. You may have heard the myth of the fat-burning zone, but don’t be fooled: although it’s technically true that your body uses a higher percentage of fat as fuel during low-intensity exercise, the minuscule amount of total calories burned makes it almost pointless. Running is fine if you want to get fit, but not for fat loss. If you really want to improve your fat loss, then consider resistance training with the correct nutrition.

Mistake 3: Doing arm Curls Is The Best Way To Build Big Guns

If you’re trying to fill out your T-shirt sleeves, it’s tempting to grab a pair of dumbbells and just start curling. It hurts your biceps, so it must be working, right? Wrong. In studies measuring electrical activity in muscles, biceps curls cause less activation than rope climbs or even chin-ups, and don’t produce the same jolt of growth hormone.  The best way to build your arms is to focus on compound movements. Do weighted pull-ups and use a variety of exercises that work larger muscle groups.

Mistake 4: I Train Therefore I Can Eat What I Want

This is not true. The fact is: you burn more calories at rest than you do at the gym. Working out is only 20% of getting results, the remaining 80% will come from your diet. Thinking you can work off yesterdays burger, or tonights beer is a false concept; burning fat doesn’t work this way. It’s about doing the right thin consistently. And just as an example, the average pint of beer equals 20 minutes of intense exercising at the gym.

Mistake 5: Exercising Everyday Will Increase Results

Exercising everyday and not giving your body time to rest can actually ruin your progress. Too much exercise puts stress on the body, and it can actually lead to metabolic problems. You’ve probably no someone who workout everyday, yet despite their best efforts they still have fat around the midsection. Exercise should be take up 3 times a week, anymore than this and you consider cutting back. Spend some time focusing on your nutrition on your days off, and don’t be obsess about getting back in the gym.

Mistake 6: Crunches Will Give My Six-Pack Abs

If your doing hundreds of sit-ups and crunches daily in the pursuit of a six-pack, you’re wasting your time. Not only that, but research shows you can increase your chances of lower back problems in later life. The best place to work on your six-pack is the kitchen, by taking care of your food intake. And if you’re relatively new to training, big moves such as the squat and deadlift will strengthen your core on their own.

Mistake 7: You Need Weights To Train

You only need to look at an Olympic gymnast to know that you don’t need weights to train. Some never touch a weight but they’re all in impressive physical condition – and brutally strong. The key with bodyweight moves is to keep making them tougher and even that doesn’t take much kit. You can build your strength and physique at home with movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and dips. None of these movements need weight added.