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  • A Unique Perspective On Losing Weight

    You’re probably thinking right now that you’ve heard it all when it comes to the subject of losing weight. I don’t want to suggest that I have all of the answers, or that I am going to recount to you a method of losing weight that is entirely unique, but I do think that my […]
  • 5 Easy Steps To Becoming An Amazing Runner

    While growing up I was probably one of the most sedentary people I knew. This was all fine and dandy until I started putting on more weight than I would have liked. I tried a number of ways to burn calories, from basketball, to jumping jacks, to using a jump rope, but none have been […]
  • 4 Steps To Reducing Your Caffeinated Calories

    If you’re anything like me, then you practically need caffeine to survive. If I’m not guzzling down two cups of coffee in the morning, I basically feel dead for the the entire day. One big problem for caffeine lovers in today’s world is that they gravitate towards shops like Starbucks or others, and get their […]
  • 5 Signs That You Are Going Through A Growth Spurt

    I always used to be relatively tall as a kid, but around 15 I topped off at around 5’9″ and basically stayed there for years. Surprisingly, however, I seem to have had something of a second wind in my early twenties, and recently grew a little over an inch, which was strange after being the […]