• 7 Awesome Health Benefits of Chewing Gum You Should Know About

    The benefits of chewing gum: wait, are we serious here? I love chewing gum. But I’ve just always assumed that my love for it automatically defaults it into the “bad for me” category. But, that might not be the truth. There may well be benefits to chewing gum. Man, who the heck knew? Chewing gum […]
  • Advanced in Age? 5 Signs of Declining Health You Shouldn’t Ignore

    Old age catches up with each one of us eventually. Unfortunately, we experience a decline in health as we grow older. Whether it is a close friend, relative or your parents, it is important to pay attention to the signs of declining health due to advancing age. Many of us won’t admit to the signs […]
  • 5 Things Your Saliva Can Tell You About Your Health

    Saliva is among the most under-appreciated body fluids and yet it plays major roles in the body, including helping protect teeth from decay, preventing infection and making chewing and swallowing possible. It is also a key ingredient for breaking down food in the mouth and enabling proper digestion, as well as washing away food remnants and […]
  • 10 Practical Ways to Get Over Being Shy

    What is the problem with being shy? Well, there is nothing inherently wrong with having a shy demeanor, especially if you are introverted. Actually, it is perfectly okay to cherish your time alone and take some time to warm up to new people and situations. However, when shyness makes you excessively uncomfortable in social situations […]
  • 7 Delightful & Healthy Family Activities for the Holidays

    Christmas is a wonderful time where we get the opportunity to spend valuable time with loved ones, show our love and appreciation for one another, and overall give thanks. It’s a time to build fond memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to have the most memorable Christmas this year or start a fun […]
  • 11 Warning Signs the Person You are Dating is Not Right for You

    Are you ignoring the warning signs? We all have our doubts about the person we are dating and wonder whether we are really in a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, when we are newly coupled up we are quick to write off any flaws we detect in the person we are with. One major reason why we […]
  • Surprising Health Concerns About Cow’s Milk You Should Know About

    Cow’s milk is often considered nature’s most wholesome food. But, is drinking milk from cows really healthy for you? A growing body of scientific evidence continues to cast doubt on the belief that cow’s milk is healthy for human consumption. That is not to say that cow’s milk does not have its health benefits. Modest milk intake […]
  • Everyday Foods Linked With Cancer You Should Avoid

    It’s probably not something you think about every day, but there are about 200 different types of known cancer. The chronic disease is linked to many possible causes. For example, tobacco smoke when inhaled can cause lung cancer. Overexposure of the skin to the sun’s rays can cause melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer. Moreover, […]
  • How to Truly Connect with People and Improve Your Communication

    Whether it’s an old friend, a new acquaintance or a business partner, we all desire to connect with others and communicate effectively with them. However, for many of us, it’s not that easy to connect with people. We often find we can only really connect with those who share similar views as we do. This […]
  • 10 Little Steps for Less Stress

    We all get stress. The only difference is how we deal with it. Some people shove it aside, others bottle it up and yet others are content to live quietly with stress. How you manage your stress matters a lot. It determines whether you will fall victim to its ugly consequences or rise above and […]
  • 5 Things to Say to Loved Ones Before They Die

    No one can predict the moment of death and nothing ever prepares you for it. The emotional enormity of the experience, its relative rarity and absolute finality gives survivors little frame of reference to draw from. Dutch funeral insurer, Dela, observes that the most beautiful words are often spoken when someone has passed away. However, […]
  • 5 Delightful Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

    You probably already know that a diet based on fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and ‘healthy fats’ like nuts, fish and olive oil provide a host of health benefits, but such a diet also improves your brain. With a stronger, healthier brain you are able to recall and process information quicker, solve everyday problems […]
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