Alpha Brain Review | Is Alpha Brain a Scam?

Alpha Brain ReviewAlpha Brain is one of the most popular brain supplements, or nootropics, on the market today. One of the core reasons for its popularity is that it has a legion of celebrity supporters “backing” the product such as Joe Rogan (comedian and UFC commentator)  and Brian Cushing (NFL linebacker for Houston Texans). Due to all the hype built around Alpha Brain via these high-profile endorsements, many people are asking whether or not Alpha Brain is a scam?

Wait, are we saying that we might not trust celebrities? Yes, that’s exactly what we are saying. As much as I enjoy Joe Rogan, I’m not going to 100% take his word for anything. Hence, we have our Alpha Brain review coming to the rescue. And we do this, why? To find out: Is Alpha Brain a scam?

Well, out of concern for those who might be skimming or potentially hate long, thorough reviews, I’ll say up front that Alpha Brain is not a scam. It’s got a lot of proven brain supplement ingredients inside of it. But is it right for you? Well, that’s why brain supplement reviews are so important.

Are Brain Supplements Legal?

Ah, the million dollar question. Yes, Alpha Brain is legal and legit. Alpha Brain isn’t one of the old school “concentration” pills that contained things such as ephedrine and Adderall. Alpha Brain ingredients are natural and research backed. In fact, most of what’s inside of Alpha Brain you could purchase on your own as individual supplements. The advantage to Alpha Brain is that they’ve packaged it all up into one affordable supplement and they’ve measured out what they feel is the best formula. If you buy them all on your own, you pay a heck of a lot more, additionally, you end up figuring out the dosing in a more complicated way. That said, the ingredient list is below so this is an option for you. GNC sells them all.

Alpha Brain Ingredients

When it comes to brain supplements and nootropics, the ingredients matter a whole lot. Any brain supplement that doesn’t disclose their ingredients is not one I’d recommend that you purchase. Alpha Brain contains 11 solid ingredients.

So the way I lay out the ingredients is two-fold:

  1. I list the amount of each ingredient per pill. In this way, you can run the numbers regarding how much it would cost you to purchase each ingredient on your own. This helps assess value. I can tell you unless you are buying cheaper versions of ingredients, you’d be hard pressed to even come close to having it work out financially favorable for you to do so. But, I wanted to lay it out. So you can see ingredients.
  2. I try to link to non-biased studies to save you time on research. I like to show the validity and legitimacy of ingredients.

Vitamin B6: This B vitamin contributes to the health of your brain’s neurotransmitters. Studies now suggest that B6 helps to stave off depression as we age. There are 10mg per pill (you don’t want to overdo it on this one).

alpha brain reviewBacopa: This is a plant that’s found in India. You will get 100mg per each Alpha Brain pill. It is considered an ayurvedic memory enhancement pill. A Nootropic herb study on Bacopa suggests it works pretty well.

L-tyrosine: You will find a whopping 300mg of this inside each pill. Studies show that L-tyrosine helps with sleep and with reducing stress levels in the brain.

Vinpocetine: This helps increase blood flow to the brain by dilating vessels. You get 5mg per pill.

L-theanine: L-theanine is one of the most legit focus (concentration) supplements around. Many people also note that it helps them reduce their stress levels due to its ability to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. You get 200mg per each pill which is great.

Huperzia Serrata: A plant native to Asia that’s linked to improved memory.

AC-11: Helps expedite collagen and is known to fix up damaged DNA. DNA can get damaged over time due to the brain’s stress levels. You get 350mg.

Alpha GPC: Increases cognitive abilities. 100mg per pill.

Pterostilbene: You get 750mg of this brain protector. This helps you keep your brain in a more youthful place.

Phosphatidylserine: A derivative of soy. Linked to increased memory function. You get 50mg.


Alpha Brain Side Effects

I’m not a doctor. You should run the ingredient list by your doctor to make sure you don’t have any health issues or prescription / OTC medication interactions.

Supplements in many cases are natural, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t ever have side effects. Some people have reported feeling a little irritated, fatigued in some cases and “speedy” in others. Much of it is anecdotal and should be considered into your ultimate decision-making process.

Did Alpha Brain Work For Me?

I feel a lot better when I take Alpha Brain as opposed to when I don’t. The L-theanine is great for a calming focus and the L-tyrosine helps me sleep. The overall ingredient list most certainly makes me feel this calm and focused demeanor. I tend to read and write faster. I stay on task for longer stretches. I feel like my attention span is one of the most vastly improved aspects. I do tend to go to bed a touch earlier than I used to and then I sleep deeper and wake earlier. It is impossible to say that all these changes are directly related to Alpha Brain. I do eat well. I could be in a less stressful place in my life.

I don’t feel any side effects that would be considered unwanted. I do occasionally take a week off from it because I think sometimes the body gets used to natural supplements. I’m not sure if that approach is for the better or the worse of the experience, though. It is probably best for each person to figure out what works for them.

Alpha Brain Review | Yes or No?

I am going to go with a solid “yes” on my Alpha Brain review results. All of the ingredients are legitimate for brain enhancement. I think it is one of the top nootropic supplements you will find on the market. Celebrity endorsements certainly don’t signal that a product is great, but they also don’t signal that it is bad. And that’s the case with Alpha Brain. It’s a great product that definitely isn’t shy about throwing around their marketing budget.