Being in a long term relationship is great. The feeling of closeness and acceptance you get from sharing your life with someone is hard to beat. However, when you have been together for a long time it is easy to fall into an inactive funk that is bad for your body, your mind, and your relationship overall. The best thing you can do for yourself and your partner is to make fitness just another part of your relationship. Use these 6 tips to get up off the couch and avoid another night of Netflix.

1. Take an After Dinner Walk

One of the easiest, lowest impact ways to bring fitness into your relationship is to incorporate more walking into your routine. After dinner instead of laying on the couch lace up your shoes and walk off those calories. Walking will help your digestive system metabolize the food you just ate and it will give you a chance to spend quality time with one another.

2. Go Hiking

Once you have mastered the after dinner walk, take it to the next level and find a hiking trail to explore on the weekend. Going for a hike together will not only improve each of your cardiovascular fitness, it will bring some excitement into your relationship as you explore new terrain and discover amazing new places and experiences you can share.

3. Play Tennis

It may conjure up images of country clubs and a few too many crisp white polo shirts for your liking but tennis is a great way to stay active as a couple. Few sports that are made for just 2 people provide as much dynamic movement and strategy as tennis. You also don’t need much equipment, just a couple racquets and some tennis balls. If neither of you have ever played before you can push each other to get better and not feel bad about you initial lack of skill. Eventually you might even get good enough to enter a doubles tournament together.

4. Take Up Running

One of the tricks that long distance running pros always pass along to people starting out is to get a running partner and run at a pace that allows you to keep a hold a conversation. It just so happens that the pace that allows you to talk to another person is also the perfect aerobic zone for improving your fitness. What better reason to grab your sweetheart and take on a 5K together?

5. Get a Dog

Do you want to be active but have a hard time staying motivated? If you are at the point where you are living with your significant other, consider getting a dog. Few things will spur you to action like needing to take Fido outside to do his business or get some exercise. Use walking the dog as your excuse to get outside together. Just make sure you are willing to commit to the long-term with this one.

6. Join a Team

A great way to stay fit and share a great experience with your partner is to join a co-ed sports team together. Whether it is softball, soccer, volleyball or any of the other countless activities you can sign up to take part in you will have a great new way to spend time together. With any luck you might also meet like-minded couples with similar interests to turn into new couple-friends.

7. Challenge Each Other

Finally, as you get fitter together consider making things interesting by challenging your partner to exercise challenges. Whoever runs more miles one week gets out of doing laundry the next. Whichever one of you logs more steps on your pedometer by the end of the day gets out of doing dishes. As long as you keep the competition friendly and fair you will able to reap the benefits of improved fitness and you might just find your apartment gets a whole lot cleaner.