Inertia is a powerful thing. It is the tendency for an object that isn’t moving to resist movement and it is the number one risk factor for inactivity creeping into your lifestyle. The more comfortable you feel curled up on the couch in pajamas and a with a bowl of popcorn the less likely you are to lace up your running shoes and go for a jog. With that in mind, your home can be your worst enemy or your best friend. The way you arrange your living space can make a big difference in your motivation to remain active. Use these tips to turn your domicile into a beacon for health without resorting to those clichéd motivation posters.

1. Display Your Achievements

You are more likely to remain active if you work to cultivate your own self-image as one that includes exercise. Instead of filling your picture frames with staged photo-studio portraits, print off some of your photos from your last camping trip or your last big race day. If you have any medals or awards from active pursuits you have done in the past, display them proudly. Decorating your home with trophies can seem tacky but if you put in the proper amount of thought and effort you can make them look great. Just try walking by a photo of yourself crossing a finish line without wanting to set a new personal best.

2. Open the Windows

One of the best ways to stay active is to stay connected with nature. In our climate controlled homes with our air conditioners and fire places it is easy to detach ourselves from the outside world. That is why it is so important to get fresh air flowing through your house whenever the weather permits it. You will feel happier and more energized for the whole day.

3. A Kingdom of Clocks

There is a reason why casinos don’t have windows or clocks on the wall. If you don’t know what time of day it is, you are much more likely to lose track of time and keep doing what you are doing. That detachment has found its way into our homes in the age of instant entertainment. Put a clock in every room of your house, especially the living room. If you are constantly aware of the passage of time you are more likely to feel like you should get up off the couch rather than hit play on that next episode of Breaking Bad.

4. Get a Shower Timer

One of the easiest places to lose track of time is in the shower so why not make use of any one of these great shower timers. They will save you money, take a load off the environment, and get you to work on time. Shower timers are also a terrific way to make sure everyone in your household gets their fair share of the hot water each morning.

5. Conscientious Cupboard Stocking

When you do your grocery shopping it goes without saying that you should be buying more healthy whole foods than processed ones. Keep a small supply of healthy snacks on hand to give you energy for the whole day and keep you active; but if you want to go one step further, set aside a small chunk of your grocery budget for snacks that you don’t buy on grocery day. If you want a snack after dinner, make yourself work for it. Take a walk to the closest grocery store or convenience shop. You can even treat yourself to the occasional ice cream cone without guilt if you make sure you are burning off extra calories to get it.

6. Create Goal Reminders

Finally, if there is a fitness goal you are working towards, create constant reminders of it in your home. If you want to run a marathon, create a countdown calendar telling you how much time you have until race day. If you want to be able to bench press 200 lbs, take a picture of the weights when you are at the gym and frame it somewhere in your living room so it taunts you as you sit on the couch.

Part of having a healthy lifestyle is creating a home that keeps you moving. Make use of one or all of these tips and without even realizing it you will spend less time on your butt and more time being awesome.