Most of us are interested in getting healthy. As we mature and grow older, health is something we come to appreciate more. However, you may wonder what life would of been like today if you were interested in health at a young age. Kids don’t think about their health. Kids are too busy being… well… kids. So it’s our job as parents to think for our kids health, and hopefully pass on some healthy disciplines. In this article today, I’m going to share with you 5 ways to improve you kids health And Development, which I believe they will more than thank you for in the future.

1. Improve Your Kids Health With Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for your child’s healthy bone and immune system development, but many kids (and adults) don’t get enough vitamin D. One of the main sources of vitamin D is the sun’s rays, but increasingly, kids spend their waking hours indoors. Just 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight per day will give your child all the vitamin D they need.

2. Improve Your Kids Health With Good Bacteria

The good bacteria found in human intestinal tracts is important for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. Unfortunately, many kids struggle with tummy problems because their digestive system is not so good. By providing your kids with probiotics, you’ll be doing them a great deal of good.

3. Improve Your Kids Health With More Clean Protein

Most of western world are notorious meat lovers, much to the dismay of our waistlines and cholesterol levels.  Consider replacing meat with beans and rice a few times a week. Beans contain healthy protein as well as a full range of minerals that are often missing from our diets.

4. Improve Your Kids Health By Spending Time Outdoors Together

We know spending outdoors to catch some rays for our kids is great, but it’s also important to spend more of the outdoors with them. Spending time outdoors and going on an adventure is good for your kids health.

5. Improve Your Kids Health By Assuring Them Quality Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important for your child’s health, but many kids don’t get the recommended hours of sleep a night. It’s very important that your kids get enough sleep. Setting a bed-time ritual and sticking to it will be very beneficial towards your kids health in the future.

6. Improve Your Kids Health With A Good Bath Time

Bath time is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child, but it’s also a time to boost their health. Add a dash of Epsom salt to your child’s bath water to soothe itchy skin and encourage a restful night of sleep. The practice will also address magnesium deficiency, which is linked to anxiety and insomnia.