Being in a long-term relationship is great for a lot of things. It lets you get close to someone in a way that flings can’t and provides great stability and a reliable support system to your life. One thing about that stability, though, is that it can eventually lead to boredom. It takes creativity and motivation to keep things fun an exciting. Try out these 6  tips to keep your relationship as fresh as the food in your fridge.

1. Go on Adventures Together

The simplest way to break out of the tedium of your daily routine is to hit the road and go somewhere fun. Talk to your partner about the things you’ve always wanted to do and the sites you’ve always wanted to see and then make those dreams a reality. Sharing the uncertainty and excitement of a long-distance trip with your significant other will give you new things to talk about and new experiences to share.

2. Develop New Skills Together

Have you always wanted to learn how to play tennis but couldn’t find a reliable partner? Have you wondered about the joys of rock climbing but couldn’t find someone to hold the other end of the rope? Sometimes the solution to these problems is right in front of you. Odds are, if you’ve picked the right partner, they will be interested in trying some of the same things you are. Trying new things together is a great way to keep things exciting.

3. Learn Together

The world is a big exciting place full of so many things to learn about. The problem is that when we tackle independent learning alone we often lose motivation. Having someone by your side as you learn French or take a cooking class will keep you inspired to go back time and time again. If that person is your partner you can challenge each other through friendly competition. You will both be better off for it.

4. Play Together

All too often men and women think of their friendships and their relationships as separate. In reality, you shouldn’t be dating someone you wouldn’t be friends with. That means is you and your friends like to play video games online, your partner should too. If you like meeting up with the guys to shoot hoops, you should feel comfortable inviting your girlfriend. Sharing interests and having fun together are two keys to long-term happiness that shouldn’t be ignored.

5. Surprise Each Other

Don’t underestimate the power of surprises. A nice dinner waiting for your partner when they get home will go a long way to making them feel appreciated and planning fun surprises is exciting for the planner as well. Don’t be afraid to steal big romantic gestures from movies or TV, just try to be sure that whatever you’re planning is something your partner will enjoy.

6. Become Friends with Other Couples

Once you have been together for a long time, your relationship starts to become an individual onto itself. To remain fulfilled, that individual needs friends. Couple friends are a great way to keep things fun and fresh for you and your partner. Go hiking or try a new restaurant with another couple you like spending time with. Double dates add a whole new and potentially fun dynamic to being in a relationship… Just choose your couple-friends wisely.

Mix things up with any or all of these ideas and your relationship will remain fun an exciting for years to come!